Monday, December 29, 2008

inner husky

Thanks for the great winter run / hike Lucy!

Let the inner husky thrive when you run in the snow.

rest well.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Part of the gift of giving is allowing yourself to receive.

We are all down here as gifts, gifts to and for one and other.

Our life is our own gift, our own light. It is our light to spread, to share, to give.

Our life gift is of perfect, blissful, happiness, our divine light and right.

One of the big lessons we learn is allowing our Self to receive the gifts, both of and from each other.

We learn to accept and receive the gifts from the deepest roots; the gifts from nourishing soil, minerals, conscious water, and connection. We receive gifts from the highest branches; the gift of light from the bright shining sun, clouds, rain, and air.

When we learn to allow and receive these gifts into our life, we magnify the effect.

Just as a prism allows light in, magnifying, refracting, and reflecting; we allow, accept, receive, then reflect a greater, more colorful light, a gift to and of each other.

Thank You.

Winter run with Lucy tomorrow. I'm excited, but will still sleep.

Rest well.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Miracle!

Yes indeed, a miracle.

Both Roman and Lucy showed up today!

First it was Lucy, who's smiling face appeared at the door, shortly after having polished off both double serving bowls of food on the porch.

"Lucy! You're back! Come into the house and make yourself warm! Here, what can I make for you? How about a big hug first. Yes please, definitely a face full of kisses. It's great to see you too. This is now officially the best Christmas of all time."

"How about a few eggs?"

1, 2, 3 cracked and in the bowl.

"Slurp, slurp, all gone."

"A little warm water too?"

"Yes please. mmmmm Thanks you!"

"Ok, we'll wait for you to warm up rest up, & we'll go find Roman."

I'll just go outside and check the run out back.

"Roman? Are you there?"

Crawl into the little house.

"Roman! You made it."

A very shivery, very thankful, very happy to be home Roman was curled up in his hay.

"Definitely room for two in there. Big hug to warm up and thanks for being here. Let's just hang out here for a little while to warm up rest up eat up."

After being out alone for 4 days in a very snowy sub zero Gowland Todd Provincial Park, Roman and Lucy both made it home on Christmas morning!

Definitely a Christmas Miracle!

It's great to have you guys back.

Rest well.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008




one breath and we are why
one breath and we are how

one breath and we go further
one breath and we last longer

one breath and we feel deeper
one breath and we grow higher

one breath and we burn brighter
one breath and we light one another


Now I think I understand a little further what needs to occur for complete rest and recovery to take place within all aspects of our bodies. It's definitely a journal type of thing, so we'll leave it at that.

Being snowed in the last few days has been an absolute gift. The fire, the snow, the silence . . .

I found the guitar. We have been learning each other this evening & last.

Guitar strings are bigger than violin strings.

Rest well.

Monday, December 22, 2008


If you have the chance, please send out some good warm vibes to a pair of pups, one Husky cross & a Rottweiler, who are alone in the snowy forest tonight.

Hope you guys are warm, healthy, happy and make it back soon.

Rest well.

Friday, December 19, 2008

sweet dreams

Sun shines high, Sun shines deep.
She wakes us from, our restful sleep.

A training day, or time for play?
Nature shouts, "The adventure way!"

Trees dance high, Trees dance deep.
Across the clouds, their branches sweep.

Swimming day, or sailing play?
Nature shouts, "The adventure way!"

Waves rise high, waves rise deep.
Upon the sea, they learn to leap.

Sailing day, the adventure way.
Nature shouts, "Go out and play!"

Sweet Laser day, thanks PK.
Adventure always, the best way to play.


Today I realized this is the dream.
This is the perfect place.
The dream grows higher, the dream grows deeper.
This is the perfect time.

This is the adventure;

And the future is today's dream.

Thanks for a great one.

Rest well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

flush the slush

It was a cold blustery 5am, wind whistling up the roof and through a crack in my bedroom window. I was still half asleep, eyes shut to the outer world, and ears picking up only a few sounds which quickly turn to dreams. I heard a sound coming from the garage.

Was Kitten out there all night?

I jumped out the bedroom door and ran downstairs to check. I tripped as I felt something pounce playfully on my toes.

Ok good. Kitten is inside.

Back to bed for an hour or so, and wake up ready for the day.

The sun comes up, and wet snow continues to fall. It is going to be a slippy, sloppy, slushy day. Absolute sweetness.

There's the sound again. Could Ollie be in the garage?

Wait, Ollie was on the bed all night.

I'll just double check.

I opened the garage door and there was Jalapeno, staring straight at me. Her greenish red eyes caught mine & we were locked together in a world of potential.

Today would be the perfect first day back to cycling. With Jalapeno as my trusted steed, it would be a return in true cyclocross fashion.

One layer, two layers, three layers, plastic bags around the toes, + a few more layers, and we're ready to go.

Sweet ride through the slush. Thanks for a great one.

45 minute scull swim to flush the slush and that's a sweet way to start.

Rest well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cooking meditation

Life is your meditation,

and it is a team effort.

Today's meditation was a cooking meditation.

Thanks to the group for coming over on Saturday evening for a NTC Family Dinner. The door is open this evening for some fresh homemade style chicken soup.

Rest well.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

great day on it's way

We are given a racing season. It is our season to apply the previous weeks and months, and manifest what we are into the outer world.

We are given a resting season. We are given a training season. These are our seasons to learn and practice. During this time we prepare for and practice the racing season, planning what will become.

We quietly listen to the perfect musical silence. In this we find our answers.

Our answers guide us through the resting and training season. They lead us to our racing season, our chance to soar with what we have created.

During the racing season, it is deeply important for us to know our own why. This is what carries us.

Upon reflection of our racing season we further understand the why. We also recognize evolation of the why. Our why grows, just as we grow.

A key part of the rest season is planning for the physical plane. How will we make our physical goals a reality?

Next we ask ourselves how to bring our why into fruition. . .

. . . ahhh . . . that's how.

Enjoy the great day on it's way.

Rest well.

Friday, December 12, 2008


R & R time is a good time to fix the flute and figure the fireplace.

The 60 year old Meadow place chimney was a fairly easy fix. I'm still working on the 2008 version here on Edward street.

Keep stoking the fire with seasons Spirit to share.

Thanks for a great day.

Rest well.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bed time.

The peace has arrived.

The peace of rest.

One of the most important things about rest seems to be being at peace with rest.

But what about the work? I could be putting in the work right now, throwing down foundation stones here and there. I have a pretty good vision of what the house will look like. So let's go at it. Let's build this thing right now.

Why wait until tomorrow? Today is just as good a day to throw down some foundation. Bring the concrete truck over. Start that thing spinning. We have more than enough strong healthy muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones to last.

Wait. This rest is actually a form of work. If you are going to follow all the blueprints, listen to the mechanical, structural, and chemical engineers, architects, planners, electricians, plumbers, skipper, captain, and crew, you need to start at the very beginning.

The very beginning is now. The preparation for August 30th 2009 has already begun. You're in it right now. This rest is part of the prep. If you want the house to look as it does on paper, start here.

In a way, rest is a little like the antagonist muscle. In order to hammer curl the dumbell one must first one must relax the triceps, then activate the biceps.

Rest now is relaxing the triceps.

Bed time.

Rest well.


Thanks to all the older brothers.
Thanks to all the younger brothers.

Rest well.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

green and red and white

You know when you just know? Yeah, you know. It's when you just know.

Sometimes this is how you know. Other times you taste, listen, see, think, consider, then you figure you must know.

Mincemeat tarts for breakfast. Christmas cookies for a snack. Butter tarts for lunch. Christmas oranges for dinner.

The cold smell of clothes when you return back to the warm house. Cold wool has a particularly special smell.

This is how I know it's Christmas time.

Thanks for a restful recovery Saturday morning.
Thanks Mow for a great chat this afternoon.

Rest well.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

concentration practice

Is it the red? Or, is it the line? Or is it the red, and the line?

Who knows, but there's definitely something that I like about them both.

Perhaps this is why I've been riding it for the last 48 hours. How far can you ride the line before she runs out of gas?

Between 8:30 & 9:00 at work this evening I had one thing on my mind. Food. Food was foremost, and when the time came I was out the fitness office door and on my way to food.

Now the dilemma. Do I stop to gas up Jazz's scooter on the way home, therefore prolonging the hunger, or do I risk scooting all the way home, potentially running out of gas, and therefore prolonging the hunger even further.

Clearly a no brainer. . . we ride the red line. As far as I can tell, this is the best & most comfortable place to be.

Fortunately I made it up to the top of the hill where Oak Bay Ave meets Fort Street, that crazy triangular junction. It's mostly down hill from there anyways.

Even with a back pack of wet sailing clothes from today's other adventure, pushing the scooter was much easier than pushing that '84 Dodge Omni from Beacon Hill up and over Foul Bay to the High School shop class.

Sometimes these things happen when you ride the red line, but it's definitely worth it.


Enjoying Day.

It began with the December sun coming through the massage studio windows, in the way only a December sun does. ahhh . . . back again to the big black 5th floor chair next to the big window studying for Fall semester exams.

Out onto the water with 2 x lasers & some concentration practice. Awesome sailing PK. Thanks for a great one. Sailing is perfect concentration practice, but we'll talk about that later.

Quick scoot to OBRec & it's business time. Mid way sauna for a break & the shifts fly by.

We have so many great days training, recovering, and racing.

Today was a great day enjoying, enjoying just being.

Rest well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What is recovery?

Recovery from what?

What changed?

How do I recover?

What works for me? What has worked well in the past? What works well now? Is there a better way to recover?

What about a deeper recovery? What kind of recovery needs to happen at the end of a season? What about after an Ironman? Is it any different?

Physical Recovery . . . Vital Recovery . . . Mental Recovey . . . as always continuing Aspiration.

What is the best way to take care of these faucets of recovery. Something new to train for. Something new to recover from?

Thanks for the continuous inspiration.

Rest well.

Friday, November 28, 2008

mirrored goggles . . .


This is what is right now.

When we are in training mode, it is easy to slip into the future with a flurry of fear based questions. The most common concern: "What will be the future implication of this action or reaction?"

A slight tickle in the throat, a twinge here, a twitch there; these are things to be aware of, but only in an awareness sense, and without fear.

"I went 2 seconds longer on that 100m repeat!" "My HR is 3 beats higher for the same effort!"

These are things which as professionals we are aware of. Also as professionals, we are only aware, and not emotionally attached.

It is just as so in racing. We are consciously aware with 100% of our bodies. We act based on both the race around us, and the race within us.

On our race reflection we pause, reflect, and maintain our sense of knowing where we are, right now. Now we further pursue our aspiration through the inner and outer race.


Yesterday I was watching Kitten. She is here, & I can feel a give and take.

We will give her some food, water, & a warm place to sleep. I'm sure she would be just fine surviving outside, but she chooses to accept these gifts & stay with us.

I can feel a giving from both sides. She is definitely giving something.

Other than a new pair of tubular tires, mirrored goggles, or a swim suit, what could it be?

She is giving something that feels good, something that could easily fill up the house without taking up any space.

Thanks Kitten.

Rest well.

Monday, November 24, 2008


In sport, there are two objective external paths, the success path, & the . . . path.

These paths share both direction, and final destination. Both lead to the progress path.

Onward on the progress path.

Still know and feel the why.

Arizona is awesome. Sun is awesome. Desert is awesome. Dessert is awesome.

Everyone who was a part of this one is awesome. Thanks for a great weekend.

Travel & journal time will be reflection time.

Rest well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Why do we train?

Every so often we experience accelerated progression, perhaps stimulated through outer success, or by something inside.

Our progressions lead us to and through intrinsic discoveries, eventually answering the important questions.

We have a why.

The why is multidimensional. It has infinite sides on which we sit and ponder. It has imitless angles on which we can approach and push off.

As we learn the shape of our why, things become clear.

This why answers that why.

Why do we race?

Consider the why, contemplate the why, and remember the why.

18h05 until the race starts.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this one. Tomorrow we demonstrate the why.

Rest well.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Bloom


It is your fortune.

Know your fortune.

Be comfortable.

Stay comfortable.

Rest well.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yellow Vetta Helmet

Remember the feeling, "I'm toO ExCIteD tOo SleEp."

The night before our childhood big summer bike trips I would never sleep. Whether it was Pender with the cool pool & marina, Mayne with the pig farm, Saltspring's Ruckle park, Galiano with the since closed delicious burger shack, Grand Forks to Fife on the KVR, or riding up the goose to Leechtown, my eyes were wide open the entire night before.

Right now, the summer after grade three sticks out in my mind. I remember sitting in bed all night; first listning to the final packing downstairs, then reading some Jungle Book. Finally it's time to "Wake up."

Lace the Converse All Stars, throw on the Yellow Vetta helment, saddle up with the Mini Mountaineer (BC liscence plate and all), and head off down Meadow place. First stop would be Matticks Farm. I remember the trees along Shelbourn & the Mt. Doug parkway being especially big.

Next stop was Blackie's Cafe. They made the biggest and therefore best rice crispy squares. The cafe is no longer, but it's right where that dentist sign is along the Pat Bay Highway, just before Island View Road.

Final push along the highway to Swartz Bay and the Gulf Island Ferries. We would ride up and down the Islands, checking out all the cool places along the way, retiring for the night in on of the Provincial Parks, back at it for more for the next few days.

You can clearly see how it would be near impossible for a 9 or10 year old to sleep before a weekend like this.

It's almost time to retire for another evening & tomorrow morning will be the last bit of swim work in Commonwealth Pool before we depart on Wednesday. We'll see if I can sleep. Either way, I have become fairly practiced at pretending.

Rest well.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fog is awesome

Thanks for another awesome weekend.

This was the final weekend of work before next weekend's 1st full.

Saturday morning we were back to riding the roads in and around the Saanich Peninsula. As much as I love creating lake Kilshaw during our heat acclimatizing sessions, it was awesome to be out on the roads.

With one week to go, the acclimation is right on, and sweat response is now down to 4:15. Time to allow each and every cell an opportunity to fill itself to its hearts content with nourishment.

Open up the heart, let the blood flow, feel the legs finding their rhythm with the road.

Smooth ride. Smooth run. Short smooth stretch out swim.

Homemade potato & dill soup with non-spicy cinnamon bean burritos. Saturday complete.

Run this morning was awesome. The fog rolls in and we're in for some fun. Just like the ride we open the heart, maintain stroke volume, let the blood flow, feel the legs finding their rhythm.

Fog is one of my favourite types of weather. Perhaps it's something to do with the potential for becoming a little lost & maybe even a little adventure.

Thank you fog, for one of my favourite weather type days.
Thank you friends and family for the nourishment & building excitement.

Rest well.

Friday, November 14, 2008


"Eat, drink, be merry, and of course go sailing." - PK

The inner race proceeds, while the outer race succeeds. Our outer race has a quantifiable goal. Some day we may reach this goal, and perhaps by this time our outer vision of possibility has grown. We have new goals, new inspirations, and new numbers on which we will succeed.

Our inner race is a process, which through our inner and outer presence, we have all started. The goal is limitless. Some day, according to a time line unbeknown to us, we arrive at new plateaus, a col on which we momentarily rest, consider our path, and continue. Our path continues upward and onward. We continue to aspire. On our path we proceed.

There are times when the inner and outer races seem to join together and become one mission. They are in fact one and the same.

When we sail, there is no traffic of thought, only concentration and focus. We watch the sail and adjust the helm, sheets, and body position accordingly.

At first it is a conscious thought process, where rigging modifications require consideration. Through practice we feel changes in the wind and water without conscious thought. We change position to match. With more time, more practice, we begin to anticipate environmental changes and prepare our boat.

Sailing becomes a meditative stream along which we proceed, choosing and creating our path along the way.

Similarly, sport can be a meeting place for the inner and outer race.

We show up. We race our race.

8 days to Ironman Arizona.

Rest well.

Monday, November 10, 2008

4' 2 breaths

Shorten the strides. Lean forward. Lean from the hips. Lift from the crown to above the sky. Float up the hill. Remain . . . Remain out . . . Remain in.

When the HR climbs, or the mind wanders, just simply thank it. Thanks for that. Now we return to our zone, stronger, together more practiced.

We reach the peak of King George. I see the HR has normalized, remaining zonified. Feel light and feel the lift. Now it's quiet.

I hear 4 feet plus asphalt & 2 breaths breathing. A perfect moment from Sunday's run.

2 official weeks into the taper, and I have noticed the adaptation starting to happen.

Heat sessions are hot and feel normal.

Fast runs are fast and feel easy.

Steady bikes are fast and feel smooth.

Today wetsuit feel arrived & met with swim feel. They are now good friends.

Feel light. Stay light.

Rest well.

Friday, November 7, 2008


This morning I woke up to the comfortably familiar sound of rain splashing on the roof. The comfortably comforting sound of rain. . . the anywhere, anytime sound.

A moment later the radio turned on. The first morning story was that today the official Toy Hall of Fame inducted a new member, the stick. This stick or that stick, they were all toys to remember.

Earlier this week during a meditation I heard another anywhere, anytime sound. It was the sound of children laughing and playing. For a moment there was a chain of thoughts. Laughter. Playing. These sounds sound the same anywhere in the world, any time, any day. I could be on the other side of the world, right here or right there, right now, and these sounds would be just the same. Language is irrelevant. Laughter is laughter. Play is play. Just like the comfortably comforting sound of rain.

Today's swim was an awesome one, with a main set of 60 x 50m on 45s. Hold 38s to start & descend to 37s. The awesome thing being focus and form with form the focus. 45 minutes of focus. Only time at the wall to hear a sentence.5 from swim master Harvey.

The heat sessions are becoming easier with the sweat response now down to 5 minutes or less.

Now it sounds like the Lentil Sheppard's Pie is ready.

Rest well

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Some days the body feels right on top of it:

Shoulder to elbow to wrist to fingers . . . right on and over the water.
Hips to quads to calves to feet . . . right on and over the pedals.
Head to shoulders to hips to knees to ankles . . . right on and over the pavement.

Feel that feeling so you can remember that feeling. Hold that feeling. Be that feeling.

Today was definitely a Autumn sort of day. Leaves fall on the ground. Mountains break through the clouds. Sun shines in patches. Animals stay warm inside their home, comfortable and content.

Riding out to Lands End we reached the turn off to Willis Pt. and the temperature suddenly drops. Toes chill. Swing the arms and warm the hands. Crispy air. Fresh mulch smell from the fields as farmers have now harvested much of the pumpkin crop. Perfect fall day for riding.

We split the ride up as to complete our last interval inside. As much as I love the Autumn riding, November's peak will require a little heat acclimation.

Crank it up.
Ice bath. Swim. Eat. Butcher. Bakery. Eat. Bed.

Thanks for a great day.
Rest well.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breakfast Bison Burger

Leftovers are where it is at. The possibilities are limitless, but burgers for breakfast remains one of my favorites.

In fact, last night I woke up at 1:30am and pondered polishing off that last bison burger. It would be pretty tasty. It's sitting right in the fridge waiting to be eaten, although I'm also really warm and comfortable in bed. I'll save it.

On the way back from the pool my mind was on the bison burger track, considering condiments and various sides. Oh so tasty, leftover bison burger for breakfast.

It was a great weekend of training, & by Sunday afternoon the body had processed the chicken curry poisoning out of it's system. It's one thing to feel fine to walk around the house. 5+ hours on the bike with a run off & swim while dumping short chain high GI sugars into the gut is completely different.

Thanks to the beets and carrots who have been keeping the GIT smiling.

Rest well.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bouq 'Emissaire

How to recover from Food Poisoning . . .

Day 1:
  • fluids & electrolytes, 0 physical training.
Day 2:
  • stay on the electrolytes, minimal physical training.
  • attempt @ eating organic kefir yogurt successful.
  • 12 noon toast test, test successful.
  • 2pm massage to flush remaining poison.
  • 4pm reestablish GI bacterial content with 54 grams of smelly cheese, (Bouq'Emissaire - raw unpasturized goat's milk blue cheese from Quebec.)
  • 5pm -9pm green tea flush.
  • 9pm organic pro & prebiotic yogurt with organic banana for dinner.
Recovery complete.

Rest well.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

happy dogs

Back hanging with Rex & Kona.

There's something quite special about the relaxed, peaceful, mindful state of a happy dog. Chill'n with Rex & Kona is food for the soul.

This was taken at Juan de Fuca a few weekends ago, the epic long run double bike breaking day. Another thanks to Hicham for lending me his Redline bike right before the start.

There are a few more cross races left in the Vancouver Island series with the Double Cross weekend fast approaching.

I will definitely be peaking at the end of November. For what? We'll leave that as a surprise.

Rest well.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today was a double nap day.

Swim, Nap, Bike, long Nap, Run, Work, Now.

The napping seems to have particularly helped with mental recovery from the past 10 day build. Physical recovery will take longer, but in the mean time I think I have arrived to a place where I can reflect on the weekend.

Concentration Practice. Meditation Practice. Contemplation Practice.

These are things which occur during all aspects of our inner and outer lives, even if we are consciously unaware.

During our training, practice, and living we learn to become aware of reactions. These can be physical, emotional, mental . . . and on.

With practice we learn to observe the reaction, and ride past without judgment or consideration.

When the body becomes increasingly taxed physically, other aspects also become challenged and their stability can vary.

Feel the roots. Breathe like the leaves. Feel the flow.

and Rest well.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today the body was craving oil. Lots of it.

The mire thought of fast burning long bike ride style sugars made the body shudder.

Today's diet reflected the feeling.

Breakfast: Fruit & Eggs
Lunch: Fruit & some hemp / soy style new age drink

Snacks were plentiful throughout the day, mostly a variety of seeds and more fruit.

Dinner. I came home from work craving more oil and what do ya know. . . There's pasta & snapper with this chopped up olive & olive oil mixture waiting right there. So good. Perfect meal to appease the bodies oil craving. Thanks for the nourishment.

Recovery Monday training was good. Detox Monday diet was good. Onto another great week.

Rest well.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

create - complete

Great day.

The legs seem to have found themselves, well appreciated and content with a weekend well done. This morning's run was fairly short, considering volume of the past few weeks. It's all perspective anyhow.

If today's schedule said 2:20, 2:20 it would be, and that would be that. If it said 60 easy, 60 easy it would be, and that would be that. Today it said 90. 90 it was, and that was that.

The rest of me is almost back to earth.

Tomorrow will be the real test. It will be a test to see if I can rest.

The official start will be the master morning routine which really ends up creating the rest of the day. The outer interaction will start with an easy bike to bring nutrients where they need to go, (could be a heat cranked environment). After that I plan on eating 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and honey. Then I will go back to sleep. I will wake up feeling awesome, eat something (probably leftovers), and head over to the pool. I will stay on the water, catch it, pull it, and push it. The feet could be in fins. Next will be more eating, perhaps a shower, and change for work at Oak Bay Rec. Work will be sweet as all Monday's at Oak Bay are. Home for dinner. Eat. Master evening routine completes the rest of the day.

Thanks for a sweet one today. Tomorrow will be another wicked awesome one.

Rest well.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Fed and ready for bed after a full day of practice.

Even though it's after 10, I'm still a little high from the day.

Sometimes it can take a day or two to return back to earth. Generally I start to feel normalized within a day or so. Complete physical recovery may take 10 days, then there's the emotional recovery. Who knows how long that takes. One thing is for certain, the big days take their toll from multiple angles.

It's a feeling I've only really experienced a few times, mostly during some kind of extended solo exploration, whether it be on the water, in the mountains, or on the bike.

There are definitely hIs and certainly lOs. The important thing to remember is there is always comforting companionship.

Riding past a sheep farm, sailing through the kelp, climbing through the trees. These are times where we find companionship, and find balance. We can release the excited and/or agitated energy and simply thrive on calm, the calm knowing of ourSelf. We ease into the connectedness between us and our surroundings.

Most of the time it's invisible, although it can help to attach something which in the past, has helped us create and sustain the silent calm feeling. Simply breathing out the excited/agitated energy, and breathing in the earth, mountains, and fall colours can be enough to spark change in our perspective.

Bike: 75min warm up, 4 x 75min @ pace with 5min rest, 30 min cool down.
Run: 20min @ pace.
Swim: 1K @ floating pace.

I think the bike pace volume was about 205K for a total of around 240. Soleeeed Ruben. Soleeed.

Run tomorrow will be a fun one. Thanks for a great day.

Rest well.

Friday, October 24, 2008

In the Long Run

We're post Wednesday ride and it's now pre-Saturday ride.

Wednesday was good one, and tomorrow will be even better, but first a catch up story from last Sunday's long run.

It was a run which brought me back to the fall training camp days of Gryphon Nordic Racing. Good old GNR.

These runs were long, perhaps the longest to date. Then there were the epic roller ski sessions. For some reason we figured 1 500mL bottle of watered down Gatorade would suffice these sessions. A roller ski bonk is a bonk of it's own kind, much different from a bike or run bonk.

Fortunately, the past few years have rubbed off a little wisdom. This time I brought along a flask of diluted gel & 1 bottle.

The workout was pretty straight forward. Warm up, main set, cool down. 20 minutes, 105 minutes @ pace, 15 minutes. Just run.

Perfect day for a run at the lakes. Fall colours, soft & moist earth, cool temperature, loose arms, welcoming water, and a pair of legs which felt fairly decent.

3K loop for a warm up, shed the coat, pick up the bottle, head off. There's really little to say for the run. Time just seemed to disappear. It's really arbitrary anyhow.

I had the watch timing HR & km splits, but the overall run time was hidden. Before long, the run evolved to a steady hummm, much more than just a run. There are however, 4 memories:
1) starting
2) at 23 K I forgot if we had done 2.3 or 1.3 loops. Same difference, either way it's just running.
3) at 24 K the Jazz man said, "We need to stop for a moment." I wondered why. Why @ 24? The important numbers are 3:50/K, 155HR . . . why 24? ahhhh . . . 24. Quick birthday celebration and back running. Wicked awesome party. That was definitely the best one yet. Thanks dude.
4) finishing

Great run, about 34k to the day. Ice the legs. Back home and transition for cross.

3 bottles of gleukos,
1 can of coke,
1 bowl of spicy squash soup,
1 piece of toast,

Pack up Jalapeno, throw some clothes in the car, cross shoes, compression socks, a we're off.

3 energy bars in the car,
1 more can of coke,

and before you know it we've arrived to Providence Farm in beautiful Duncan. Mt. Tzouhalem provided a phenomenal backdrop. Great place for a cross race. Thanks to Providence farm for hosting the event.

warm up,
1 bottle of gleukos,
1 energy gel,
1 handfull of jelly beans,

Race ready.

As usual I took the first loop fairly easy. Keep it cool, test the legs, feel it out, find a groove for the course.
Ok, the legs feel 1/2 decent, try an attack to move through the group. That was easy. Sit in, feel the groove. Keep riding. Things are good with this group.
Ok, you're here, may as well race it up. There's a group up ahead. Take the technical parts easy, allow the HR to drop, recover a little and hammer the hill. Easy way to move up.

The rule with Nordic racing is that he who can recover the best on the downhills can race the fastest up the following hills. Apply this to cross and technical sections become the downhills.

Smooth like chocolate. Ride up to the group, sit in. 4th place and things feel good on lap 4/10. Hmmm maybe a little too smooth. That back tire is starting to feel a little flat. Ahhh who cares. Keep riding. Hmmm now it's rough again. Back tire is totally flat at the bottom of the course.

Sweetness. More running for today. Jalapeno fits nicely on the shoulder. The trek back to base camp and the wheel pit was wicked awesome practice running with a bike.

At the pit . . . Do you have a pump? We do have a wheel you can use, but it's campy. Well, I'm riding SRAM, so I suppose we'll find out if it's compatible. Toss it on . . . hiii -- hoo -- silver, and we're off.

Shifting works, sweet. We're good. 1.5 more loops. Chase 'em down.

Next time up the big hill. Snap. There goes the chain. Too much torque??? or perhaps despite seemingly smooth shifting, campy is less than compatible with SRAM.

So that was that. Fun racing, fun running, and mud is always sweet.

Conclusion: Even after the long run, there's more running to be done.

Rest well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Everything is good. In fact, it's all becoming better all the time.

The past month.5 has had the overall theme of application. What have I learned up to this point? How does it apply to what I am doing right here and right now?

Application to all aspects.

I remember talking to my Dad from my Glacier 361 residence room in Guelph during first year. I was excited about something we were learning in one of the Aggie classes, and at the same time a little overwhelmed by the massive amount of information which was being thrust our way.

My Dad told me, "When you graduate you will have to think about what it is that you actually learned. What was important? What lessons did I learn? What is the valuable information which I will carry with me?"

Most of the important stuff from Guelph came from experience and building a foundation of curiosity for the following years.

In the same way, training has become about understanding and applying what I actually learned, what I am learning, and what I think I know.

A few short examples:

In my case, swimming comes down to the myelin sheath. Ahhhh . . . the myelin sheath, Jane Robb, Cell Bio 2480. Also the myelin sheath, Neil Harvey, NTC 2008.

Through concentration and practice, we control the myelination of motor neurons. We create the path of least resistance through which an action potential travells from brain to muscle.

Every thought, every action changes/creates the path.

Make sure the path we create is the one we want to follow.

"Stevo, this is exactly what you need to be doing right now." - NH.
Ok, I'll make it perfect.

I'll leave it there for now and will continue post Wednesday ride.

Enjoy your morning and as always,

Rest well.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Good few days of training with plenty on which to concentrate, or perhaps at this time of night, contemplate . . .

Time to slow down. Rest well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thistle Root

Focus the picture, a transcendental gaze,
All but the image, a translucent haze.

A flicker of light, beneath the chin,
A guide to dive deep, deep within.

A speck of light, above the eyes,
A path to climb, beyond the sky.

Roots from the Souls, they dig like trees,
and search for water, source the seas.

They hold the branches, to carry the leaves,
abundant beauty, a purpose to please.

Swim set this morning was 8 x 400 in pairs, first a smooth swim, then pull on descending effort. An eye opener in a different sort of way. The effort was far from aerobically challenging. In fact, you could almost call it aerobically easy. Remove the legs from the equation, and there go a few large muscle groups which no longer need to be fed. The result was swimming with complete focus on the catch and push. Just let the arms do what they need to.

Jalapeno is back in business with a new fork/steer tube. We went for a dance through Beacon Hill to reconnect. This weekend will be a fast one.

Oak Bay treads to spin out the legs. Keep the feel.

Full moon, and a gaze.

Now this is really starting to feel like a few days of recovery.

Rest well.

Raggle Taggle Gypsie - O

See the True Reflections . . . and we're back in business.

Nux. Vomica will come to the rescue today.

Rest well.

Friday, October 10, 2008

One more to go . . .

A few awesome days.

Something new on Wednesday, something true on Thursday, and something new times two today.

Wednesday's ride was the typical Wednesday ride, but with added intensity (something new). Set number 2 (of 3) had a build up to what felt like just above my lactate threshold. Good ride, and a good flush swim, which left the legs feeling well appreciated and happy.

Long nap, legs up the wall, eat, and sleep some more. Much appreciated recovery.

Thursday was fairly light. I would like to thank whoever invented fins. They made Thursday's 12 x 100 set much more recovery like. Treadmill run, 5 x shakes, back to the fort, then something true ;).
In the evening during the OBRec shift we further established the Oak Bay Recreation Centre for High Performance, experimenting with HR's to prepare John Miller for his race across the Sierra. Definitely big-time-hard-core-raise-the-bar-max-the-envelope-go-big-or-go-home intense.

And today. Just one more to go. Remember those 40 x 50 swim sets on 40/50, or 20 x 50, or whatever it happened to be? Remember when there's just one more to go? Ok, I'm going to do a really good job on this last one. It's the last one. Only one more to go. Here we go. Last one. Go -

Before the last repetition of today's bike set, I noticed the same sort of feeling. Only one more to go. The only difference being the 50m swim piece takes approximately 30 seconds (well above race pace), while today's main set was 3 x 70 minutes (@ race pace).

The thing is, both are exactly the same. Time really becomes irrelevent. It sounds kind of lame I know, but seriously, it's exactly the same thing. One more to go.

One is one.

One more to go.

Sweet ride, smooth run, flush swim, and a great day start to finish. Plenty of lessons learned, along with some decent fitness. Now it's time to absorb a little of both.

Rest well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wicked Westerly Wind

Wind is awesome.

There is something comforting about a westerly wind storm, something familiar. What could possibly be comforting about a wind storm? Who knows. Perhaps it's the excitement factor which is really the most reassuring. It's cool to know there is something happening, something going on, something out there which we are a part of, something which is right now making it's Self heard.

It's as though we can really see, hear, and feel the world's air being alive. Of course it's always there, always alive; the wind just makes things more noticeably obvious.

Wind is awesome.

Good swim today. The legs had a few thoughts on the weekend of adventure, so it was an arms and torso focus sort of day.

Elizabeth, our Yoga instructor, speaks of the bodies lines, connecting links going from tongue to toe. Today there was connection from the ulna's olecranon process to the iliac crest. I think this is good. Either way, it seemed to save the legs.

Back to the rollers on the bike for some technical practice. High cadence, single leg, no hands, all the good stuff. Good spin.

Treadmill run of the tempo type. Lately I have been considering the energy systems engaged during activity, and keeping this consideration present in my mind throughout practice. It seems to help. Kick off the shoes and spin around the fields to wake up gastroKnemius, among others.

Early sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be a sweet one.

Rest well.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ok, we're going to start slow as there is a lot to cover today. It was an eventful day in an epic sort of way.

In the beginning there was Cafe Awasa and immediately I noticed something unusual. What could it be? It's a smell, and it smells good. It's the coffee. Hey, I can smell again. The head is finally clear. Sweet start.

We met up for a group run at the Lakes for an 8am start. The workout: 20 minutes warm up, 70 minutes race pace target HR, 15 minutes warm down. Today was the first time I've done the long hard run following a long hard ride the previous day. The plan was to notice how the legs react to TT time. Be aware of this.

Decent run overall. Legs felt pretty good and I was happy to be running in the rain, a nice bonus. Rainy runs are among my favourite.

Thanks for a sweet run.

Freshly picked Mackintosh apples for the drive home and massive bottle of sugar water.

Home for a lunch of leftovers: Arctic Muskox, Ratatouille, Polenta, Dill Potato Soup, and a cup of extra potent green tea. Feet up and a 25 minute power snooze.

Throw together a kit for this afternoons cross race.

Jalapeno and I rolled out of the house around 1:15 for a good warm up before our 3:15pm start. Now this is where things become interesting.

I was a little unsure how the riding legs would feel at effort, and knowing there would be plenty of this to come, I kept the warmup fairly easy but of substantial duration (about 70 minutes).

Ride out to Juan de Fuca, loop the lagoon, back to register, and pre-ride the course. On my way up one of the steeper climbs I literally pulled the handle bars right off, cracking the carbon steer tube in half. No joke. Just pure torque from the arms managed to crack this thing climbing the hill.

Wow. That was very lucky. If I were descending when the steer tube broke in half, that could easily spell impalement.

Well, maybe this is a sign that today was not meant for me to cross race. Carry Jalapeno back to the race course.

"Hey dude, that's harsh! Do you need a bike to race on?"
"Yeah, totally man that would be wicked. Are you sure that's cool?"
"Yeah, man. Let's swap the pedals and get you ready to race."

Big time shout out to a dude named Hichem. Thanks mano, I owe ya one.
This was sign enough for me that today would be a racing day.

Off the start I kept it pretty chill. As chill as things can be for a cross race. Feel out the new ride. Feel out the course.

1 Lap in and this is too easy. Legs feel pretty good. I'll kick it up a notch.

There was one super steep pretty long hill which a few riders could make it 1/2 way up. In this situation, I always choose to run. For me, this is just simply faster and there's no point riding with 35 cadence only to stall in about 30 seconds.

The hill was my place to move. I dug in there pretty deep and found myself running past a group and into no mans land. Dig the flats, run as fast as possible over the barriers, and chill where it becomes technical (bmx track).

The next time up the hill I found myself coming up on Norm Thibault (wicked awesome race, thanks for putting it on) and a dude who I think is called Andrew. These guys are pretty technically proficient cross riders.

I thought, "Hey, I might actually be in this thing. May as well give'er a rip."

Storm the hill. Run fast. Run past.

On the way back down, I heard one of the Berg's say, "Come on Killer, you're bringing back in the leaders." Cool. This is good.

Dig in. Dig in. Dig in. Next time around the BMX loop Russell had one of a few Technicals right in front of me. Roll past. Ok. Here's a chance to pull right up. Let's make this hill flat.

I managed to reach a new max HR this time up the climb, beating my previous run max by 2bpm, and cycling max by 12bpm. Sweet.

On my way up I heard. "Your fighting it out for second with Russell!"
Really? I'm actually in this race.

Next lap. "Your pulling in Jeff Kabush!"
For real? Jeff Kabush? This is going pretty well.

Next lap. Barriers. Somehow, after 6 or 7 laps of running the barriers with ease, I managed to forget of there presence and rode straight into one of them. Crash. Over the bars, and over one of the barriers.

Up. Faster. Quick transition. Run. Hop on the bike. The front wheel isn't spinning. TacOOOOed.
Seriously tacoed front wheel. We're talking 2 inch difference from 6 to 12 o'clock. Well that's an easy fix. Just disengage the front brake and keep going. 2.5 laps to go. Hang in there.

Hmmm. . . my balance seems a little off. Probably a mix between fatigue and the wheel. Wobbly front wheel was a challenge for sure, especially climbing, and through the mud.

Now the descent. A serious descent with only a back brake. Should I get off and walk/run the descent? Are you kidding me? What kind of lame question is that?

Just what all the Mt. Doug Papaya practice last year was for. Lock up the back wheel and hang on for dear life. One of the more sketchy moments of the day for sure.

You might think that no front brake factor would make things faster. It in fact makes things quite a bit slower. The wobbly factor also contributes to an overall decrease in velocity. Fortunately, both these things increase the fun factor.

A bunch of the other guys sailed past on the swervy muddy bits with about a lap to go, and that was that.

Awesome, fun, sweet, epic race. Wicked cool and definitely one of the funnest races I've ever been a part of.

Now batting .667 for the Most Aggressive Rider. Sweet.

Thanks for a wickedly awesome day.

Big week on it's way. Time for sleep.

Rest well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

October de 4t

Happy Birthday to the G-man himself!
You're looking a year wiser and stronger!
Here's to the double deuce bro!

Pretty sweet day today. I woke up at 3:15 with the cough still lingering. Ahhh. I would really like to do a good job on today's ride. Stumble over to the bathroom, wash the face, look in the mirror. Ok, when I wake up in just under 4 hours I will feel great.

7:00 came and I felt pretty sweet. This time it worked.

The main set for today's ride was 3 x 55 minutes @ speed with a fairly decent warm up. A good breakfast definitely helped the cause. I've been fooling around with positioning on the TT bike, mostly just seat height and fore / aft postion. Today's position was definitely an improvement from Wednesday's, although the adductors & flexors made themselves heard loud and clear towards the end.

Remidy could be: higher + yoga = quite hips.

20 minute HR pace run off the bike. Just find the pace to match a number.
Flush swim at the crystal. Feel good.

1h45 run tomorrow morning with some pace work to wake the legs up before the Juan de Fuca cross race in the afternoon. It'll be another sweet one.

Thanks for a great day.

Rest well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet & Short

Two quick thoughts and thanks before bed.

Thought on the last few days: An absolute gift. Thank You.

Thought from Dr. Guan: It's all ok. Great advice. Thanks.

Much more from Heart form.

Rest well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


finished a sweet morning / afternoon of training.

3 cups of Spiral Cafe organic coffee, followed by 4 cups of Ethiopian level trade were the perfect way to roundhouse kick the day. (I may exaggerate slightly.)

Ok. Bike time. On Wednesday the red workout is bike. Bike the emphasis. Bike the quality. Bike the quantity. Today's set was 50 minute Warm up, 3 x 45 minutes @ race pace HR, 40 minute cool down. The HRM is your master to prevent disaster.

Lesson. . . You can fake the nutrition component on a short course workout of 3 - 4 x 20 minutes. The longer the set, the harder it becomes to fake nutrition.

Homework . . . Figure this one out, and follow the figure.

Flush swim and the stroke comes around after a few faster 50s. Flush and Frequency seem to be working well in the pool. Note that one.

Time to be honest with nutrition and throw the legs in the air for a short while.

Rest well.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I just finished what was my favorite cross ride so far for Fall 08. It was the final practice for today, a 60 to 75 minute high cadence spin, with flushing the primary focus. I went into the ride thinking, "This will be easy, so just maintain rhythm."

Head across the bridge and over to Beacon Hill, the rocky bit by Superior street. Jalapeno seems to have been tamed! She rolled over the rocks, finding the smooth line all on her own with little driver input required. Lean a little this way, pull a little that way, duck, dodge, keep on rolling.

I rode home along the beach, right along the beach where the kite surfers go. Sweet salty air. So calm and smooth. A perfect afternoon and a perfect way to flush out a solid treadmill run.

Good swim this morning, first shot back at a little speed since late August. 15 x 100 on 1:40 cruising into the wall at around 13/14. Form the focus. Focus the form. At this time of year . . . keep the form at all costs, even the at cost of speed.

Mix Master Mike Neill is now on the way to Kona. I was a pleasure to join in for a few wicked awesome sessions in the past few weeks dude. You're on the way to a sweet day.

Big ride tomorrow. I've been stoked for this one since last Wednesday.

Enjoy the evening,

Rest well.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

the wash . . .

I woke up this morning feeling almost 100%. The Anti-Viral seems to have done it's job boosting what needs to be boosted, and frying what needs to be fried. So after taking Saturday fairly light, it was back to the routine with trainingl for today.

Start with a run at Thetis Lake where two cool things happened. First, I saw what perfect running looks like. Then, I saw a perfect sunrise over Heartland.

The relationship between sun and water is amazing to observe. Depending on the time of day, and how each is feeling, they come together to create an awesome sight. This morning their combination was almost blinding at times, and begging to be smelt, heard, seen, felt, and touched.

80 minutes on the trails. Thanks for a sweet run.

Quick transition to the Oak Bay clothes, and off to work. I received two phone calls on the way in. First, my first appointment canceled. It's all good, that gives me time to find a mid - morning snack. Second, my second appointment canceled. Ok cool, now I have time to head home and clean the much needed to be cleaned bathroom.

Cleaning a bike or cleaning the bathroom, I often find myself contorted in all sorts of ways trying to reach all the nooks and crannies. Sink is easy. Floor, no problem. Toilet is like the bike, easy with the right tools, Far end of the shower . . . I can reach it without going in. Splash!

Phone manages to escape from my pocket and land in the toilet. Yep. There it is. Phone in the toilet.

Ok. A little bit of research at the cellphone dealership. Check out craigslist, usedvictoria . . . all the usuals.

Hmmm . . . what to do.

I could trade in my aeromiles for future shop gift cards, and use those for a new phone. And if I originally pay for it with the visa, then there's a few more miles in the bank. Perfect. Plan settled.

I started to laugh on the way home thinking, "Those aeromiles are literally going down the toilet." funny hahaha

It's all good 'cause eventually it all comes out in the wash.

Great day.

I just had a look at this weeks schedule and am already stoked. This will be a sweet week.

Rest well.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Eyelids dropping. . .

So I will make this brief.

Today I spent a good chunk of time trying to find besan flour. Turns out besan flour is one of the Hindi name for ground chana dal, a chickpea type thing. It can also be called gram flour (American), or as I found it labelled, chana flour (Indian). There ya go.

It's loaded with protein, has lots of carbohydrates, and is jacked with iron. Turns out it is also a popular facial exfoliant. There ya go again.

Eyes almost shut.

Rest well.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I like pie.

Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Rest well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Meat Fat Makes It."

There are processes other than biochemistry which go along with food preparation, and I believe these greatly affect the nourishing qualities.

What was the state of the food when it was harvested?
How about the state of those doing the harvesting?
What was the state of whomever prepared the food? and of course,
What is our own state while we consume the food?

The list goes on and on. What is it in this food that will nourish and support our bodies, both physical and other?

The Fall season is one of my favourite times of year to enjoy good food. Right now it's so easy to see how fruits and vegetables come straight from the ground. Squash soup, cauliflower pie, carrot, apple, and ginger concoctions . . . . all great Fall foods. Look! We can see them in the fields.

There it is! There's the field where this soup came from. There's the sun which helped make the squash. Perhaps, that cloud helped it grow. Maybe that tree provided some shade. And the soil . . . the soil is a work in progress from thousands of years, thousands of clouds, thousands of sunlight hours, thousands of other plants, animals, and seeds, living and growing, season upon season.

Good swim this morning and a sweet underground cyclocross race at what will remain an undisclosed location. Shout out to Kelly and Drew for setting up a sweet Wednesday evening.

I had a pretty good run at it for most of the event. On the first lap in a face plant followed by a mechanical left Jalapeno chattering for the remainder. It's all good . . . just keep riding, keep playing, keep going, keep having fun.

One of my favourite parts of a cross race is the fatigue. Neil talks about maintaining form with fatigue in the water. Well, the same goes with cross. As we fatigue, our technical skills begin to break down. The difference between cross and swimming . . . there's no time to care about form breaking down in cyclocross. Just ride. Faster.

Two quotes from today:

"Meat fat makes it." - JB Referring to drizzling the meat fat ontop of tonights Shephards Pie.

"Here's proof we're all kids. We're out here on a Wednesday night about to rip around this playground on our bikes as fast as we can for about 30 minutes." - KG referring to cyclocross this evening.

Sweet day.

Rest well.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yesterday was windy. I felt happy. Swim set was faster. Bike was 3:00 Metchosin style.

This morning was cold. My legs felt great. Main set was 3 x 30 min on the wheel.

Swim was warm. My arms felt great. It was all about the duck drill.

Run/Walk preparation officially began CoolAid s^2 style.

Dr. Guan fixed my legs even more.

Mt. Baker looked awesome.

Effortlessly dove deep.

All my Gratitude.

Rest well.

Monday, September 22, 2008


There is a place where we just simply are, and in this place everything just simply is.

Paradoxically, when considered, evaluated, or measured, this place just simply ceases to be. Well, the place still is, however we are no longer present within it.

Sometimes it is really easy to know exactly where we are, and why we are. We just know.

The effort of breathing, the effort of heart pumping disappears. It just simply is.

We can observe this all around us, in each aspect. There were plenty examples this weekend.
At one point
cycling behind Motor Pace Mike, the effort was let go. Consider that, evaluate that, measure that . . . and the effort returns. Observe that, allow that, and the effort vanishes.

A great week is on it's way.

Rest well.

Friday, September 19, 2008


is the name of the game today. In fact, Play will be the name of the game for the next month or two. This seems to be the underlying message from a few reliable sources.

This morning we made it to Commonwealth with just enough time to join the group for a game of water polo. Thanks for the game!

Swimming post play reminded me of a conversation shared with MOW. What would it feel like to be a whale and jump out of the sea into air? Experiencing weight for perhaps the first time, if for only a moment must be incredible. It's a moment shared with that whale where we both experience the same external environment. Amazing insight MOW, and perhaps a comparison to our natural experience.

Dive deep down, Dive deep within,
Water becomes, closest kin.
Feel the water, all around.
See less sight, yet hear more sound.

Soar so high, to touch the blue,
Breath becomes, peacefully true.
Feel the air, without within,
A time to be, what may have been.

Back home to fuel with French Toast and before long, it's time to go outside and play some more.

What would I do for fun if I were me, age 7? Well, I would probably go ride my bike. The rest of the day was all about playing on the bike. Beacon Hill, Clover Point, 10 Mile Point, Mystic Vale, UVic Trails, Cattle Point, back to Beacon Hill, random parks here, and a field or two there . . . These were always awesome places to play on the bike. Only difference was today I played all over town in one awesome afternoon.

Home for food, and out to play some more. Thanks for the climbing session.

Big ride tomorrow. I think I'll sleep in the bike shorts.

Rest well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling great.

This week has been totally completely and absolutely awesome.

Every moment from one liner conversations in passing, to a laugh here, a smile there, all surrounded by awesome people has been etched in the inner memory as diamond light.

Monday was a big time OBRec day. It flew by and I came back home to a super good potato & kidney bean soup. Perfect nourishment. Thanks!

Tuesday started with the usual morning routine: 2 breaths here, a glass of water there, right side left, and left side right to coordinate the beats. A slow cup of Peruvian style coffee set me up for our first swim practice back as a group.

3K and a bit of play to kick off the day. It's great to be back swimming in the Commonwealth Pool. I love the feeling of starting fresh.

Breathing patterns . . . perfect. This year started with 3,5,7 as the normal (for a restricted breathing set).

Visit to the Guan Master and a few kinks are contorted and sorted. Jalapeno and I are a solid team, but I'm grateful we each have our own master mechanics.

Run time. 60minutes base pace and recon a few potential cross ride sites. 30 minutes in I stumbled across what will soon become sweet cross bike handling challenges along the George Waterway.

Rest time & visit time. Sometimes the day just keeps growing better and better. I really enjoyed the visit and am looking forward to the next one. Thank you!

Waterfront ride with the Jazz Master and a stop by OBB^2. Stop by Oak Bay Butcher for a little dinner selection and Oak Bay Bikes for a little wheel perfection. Sweet ride. Thanks for the help from OBB^2!

Dinner time. One of my favourite times. This time a spicy Ratatouille creation, Cheesy Polenta, Tabbouleh, and Thai Pork Sausage. The day's atmosphere, along with great food provided more perfect nourishment. Thanks!

Today started with the morning routine and a somewhat larger cup of coffee before heading out to Metchosin for a sweet ride. J, M, & R, and I hit a derivation of the Latoria Loop for a 4 x 20 minute main set. The translation:

Mike is fit and fast! Hanging on to Mike's wheel for the first 5 minutes of interval #1 I thought, "This is sweet; it's like motor pacing off another bike!" By the 4th interval I was craving a little more than water and before long, last nights leftovers became the focus of my attention.

Ride home, delicious cookie time, recovery swim, and it's finally leftover time. Leftovers always taste so good.

Nap time, Run Walk time, new shoe time, bike store yak time, and dinner time.

Tonight's experiment was a carrot soup with pureed almonds. If I could remember how it was made, I would definitely do it again.

And now, it's recovery time.

Rest well.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Pictures from the morning perch.
On this particular morning, the air was incredibly salty.

Baker lights the sky on fire.

Birds fly together above their own morning perch.

Another morning sitting spot.

Enjoy your day.

Rest well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Cyclocross race numero uno, Diver Lake Park, Nanaimo.

Race conditions always add an element or two to any session. Racing forces you to test the limits, and raise the bar. The first race allows us to test both our selves and our equipment.

Jalapeno is fitted with Tubeless tires. I tried to pull them off through some fast corners in practice, and under these conditions they stayed on.

With today's race conditions I was able to pull the front one off within two laps. Flat and out. . . More tire testing to be done.

Flat at 3:30pm in Nanaimo. Ok, I can be home and riding a new tube by 5:30 with 2.5 hours of sunlight remaining. Trek home, swap in a tube, and off to Beacon Hill.

Awesomeness. With only 15 minutes of cross racing I noticed a huge difference in my riding. Raise the standard and there is only up.

As recovery from climbing I decided to practice a few wheelies. After all, it's all good bike handling skills, plus this is fun stuff!

About 90 minutes in Jalapeno started to become cranky and eventually she bucked me off, sending me hurling through the air. I looked back and she laughed as if to say, "That's enough, it's time to go home."

You know that tailbone landing, nauseating, breath holding feeling? The message was loud and clear.

I understood and made my way back home to ice.

Cross is here! One of my most favourite times of year!

Rest well.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Do you ever find yourself somehow returning?

Yesterday morning I found myself running along admirals inlet, across the bridge, through the school, along the park, coasting by. There I was, just running.

I was less than 10 years old, maybe even 6 the last time I remember being there.

We used to make the trek down to Victoria from the interior for the Family Christmas visit. I think we stayed in a hotel nearby, close to GG's house.

I can remember walking along the bridge, amazed that people were catching fish. Sweet, that's how I would like to find my dinner!

Now here, running. Cool.

The rest of the day was an OBRec kind of day. Thanks for all the sweet stories, and valuable pieces of wisdome.

This morning I hopped on Jalapeno for the first real ride. So sweet! Rolling through Beacon Hill, Mystic Vale, and Mt. Tolmie I found myself hanging on for dear life.

"This is unbelieveable! This is so cool! Waaaahooo!" Definitely awesome.

Fun day. Now I must sleep.

Rest well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ox Blood.

Jalapeno had her final adjustments finished up today!

During my break at Oak Bay Rec I had a chance to feel the ride so we could record the measurements, and make the fit just how I like cross bike fit to be.

Rotate the narrow bars ever so slightly. Slide the seat and pump the tires. Select the pedals, and of course coordinate the tape. Ox blood it is. Sounds dangerous.

Just enough time to swap on the road pedals and rip down to Windsor Park as an intermission to the waterfront loop ride. Tear the corners as hard as possible! Try to rip off those tubeless tires! They stayed on even with fresh paste. Perfect.

Big shout out to Scotty at Oak Bay Bikes for all the help with this ride. Thanks dude man.

Thoughts to the Finn'ster who's definitely hurt'n with a bit of a bug. This will make your immune system stronger big guy.

Rest well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Easy Peasy

Monday was a great consideration type of day.

It was a perfect day for asking myself new questions, tough questions.

They were the sort of questions the mind can consider and contemplate.

Perhaps that's it.

Answers come from elsewhere.

Ok. Know the questions. Present the questions. Contemplate. Coffee.

Thanks for coffee and conversation.

Allow answers to arrive on their time line.

You'll know when the real ones knock.

Well, there ya go. That's it. Rest on it.

Wake up Tuesday in the head.

Force yourself to allow. Rephrase . . . allow yourself to allow.

Contemplate. More Coffee.

Thanks for Tuesday's coffee and conversation.

Rest easy. Ride easy. Swim easy. Stretch easy. Sit easy.

Easy peasy.

Rest well.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brain Freeze Bonk

Jalapeno engine prep. Day 2.

Start with a waterfront loop through downtown, and around to Caddy Bay. Roll back around and across the bridge, then head up the island, this time the inland side.

It was the extended waterfront loop . . . Vic to Nanaimo, and back.

Big time bonk in Mill Bay on the way back, lead to big time brain freeze.

Sweet day. Sweet ride.

With the solo time comes time to think. Then a conversation over dinner and now, once again, it seems as though there are a million more questions. Well, one more big question with at least 782 considerations.

In short time, it's decision time.

One of the reasons why I love the long days. Thanks for another good one.

Rest well.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Ring Renfrew

While Jalapeno has her mechanics take care of the finishing touches, I decided it was time to prepare the engine.

Cyclocross seems to place emphasis on power and acceleration, especially during the climbs. With one chain ring on the front, the ability to generate power with a moderate number of teeth becomes especially vital.

Day one of Jalapeno engine prep was about power, and of course endurance. Today's ride went from base camp here in Vic West out to Port Renfrew, and back with an added power twist. Start to finish, the entire ride was in the Big Ring. 53 Power building teeth!

Jalapeno will be sporting 42 fangs on her front ring with a wide 11-28 spread at the back. I figure the cyclocross climbs are much steeper and slipperier; therefore, 53 was the way to go today for power.

Riding the Renfrew route a la big ring definitely makes the legs work in a different sort of way. Although I must admit, I did use that Physics 8 knowledge to take a few shallower tangents up one climb past Sombrio, and again climbing out of the Port.

What a sweet day. What a sweet ride.

On the way out of town I stopped by Chula in Jordan River for a little nourishment. I asked for one of their energy bar type things. The super cool barrista lady said, "That's not just any Energy Bar, it's full of Love which will carry you up and out of Jordan River."

First I thought, "Perfect! That's the best, strongest kind of energy. This is sweet!" Next I thought, "Dude, I love the West Coast!"


First Breath we take,
Our start of Time,
Pure Light, a Gift,
Of Supreme Devine.


I was totally energized by this last picture taken while standing above Jordan River.

Thanks for another great day.

Rest well.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

September Sun

Two beautiful days.

Tuesday evening, Tuesday sleep, Wednesday morning . . . It just keeps becoming better and better to a point where I am absolutely awestruck at the amazingness of it all.

Great dinner with the Millers on Wednesday evening. Sydney, once again prepared the perfect dinner. The most fulfilling nourishment was, of course, from reminiscing laughter. Awesome memories which I am grateful to be able to share with your whole family. Thanks.

This morning was one of my favourite roof top mornings to date, perhaps because the sun rose twice, once above the hills, and again above the clouds. Perfect way to start the day.

Next, Killian and I went to Oak Bay for the leftover apple and a run. Work, home for lunch, nap, Roof Top, back to OB for rehab x 2, and the night shift.

So many awesome people. Thanks for being part of the day.

Rest well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Think, think, think. What could it be? Perhaps the answer will just come to me.

Open the pages to a new book and there it is, staring at me right in the face. 3 Paragraphs, Word for word, the answer to a question for which I was unable to find words to even ask. Wow, there it is. Let that one sink in deep.

It takes time. After it has really sunk in, concentrate. Concentrate on what it is, what it means. Now, hold onto that somewhere other than within the mind. Feel it deep within. If you're ready, try and bring it here. Attach a word, maybe two, without attaching thought.

At some point during the past few rides I've found myself looping around U Vic as either a shortcut home, or just to add a little extra. Riding through campus reminded me of the early Fall days back in Guelph.

Those were sweet times. The Fall University Campus always had such a sweet vibe. Everyone has had some time to rest and reflect. Now we're all back here with a few new texts, perhaps a lab manual or two, the master binder, a bag of randomly collected writing utensils, and 2000 pages of looseleaf paper.

We all have plans on how to make this year better than last. We have new and improved ways to fit in all the studying, take notes, and sleep undisturbed on the 5th floor of the Library in that big black chair next to the sunny window.

Gordo has a new strength routine for us, and they finished construction of that new lecture hall. We have the water talk, the supplement talk, the goals talk, the OU's talk. Roller skiing will be the focus from September to the end of November. This year we're doing double polling intervals up the hill behind the AC, 5x per week. That's what the Norwegians are doing.

Oh, and the farmers market. The sweet, sweet farmers market. We must go visit the apple dude. I'll split a bushel of #2's with ya. Ok, sweet.

Those currently on the academic path, all the best for this Fall semester.

Rest well.

Monday, September 1, 2008


As we progress from one moment to the next, everything changes. Everything from our perception of subjective experience, and therefore one of the realities in which we exist, to the group perception as a whole of it's own conscious existence.

The group changes, we change. It is a form of Evolation, by both our Self, and the group.

The past 2 weeks have been a sweet chance to switch up the adventure, a chance to experience new adventures through the new light of our ever creating, ever evolving Self. It's a chance to slow down just enough to notice, notice and allow. The slower speed changes from noticeable to normal, and we allow the 3rd and final aspect of Evolation.

As it comes, we see through new perspective, through new light, what is our own present moment.

The adventure is still adventure, perhaps of different texture, but adventure all the same. This adventure may remain in the minds back pocket for a rainy day. That adventure will always be remembered. Most definitely some sweet adventures in the past 2 weeks, and still a few in prep phase before the official start up.

Rainy Fall adventures are on their way and Cyclocross is almost here. I can hardly wait. In the present time, I'm off to dream time, and tomorrow's adventure will be a great time.

Rest well.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Whales have a certain spectacular way of being. Words can only try to describe.

Thanks to the pod that put on a show today just off Jimmy Chicken Island.

Rest well.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

12 Knuckles above the Horizon

It's the early side of evening, a while past the late side of afternoon. This has been an afternoon of such complete calm, such complete comfort.

So calm and so comfortable. As I spray down the boat, I wonder what just happened. Was that a dream? As far as I can tell, it was. It had all the aspects of dream. There were passing brief impatient states, thrilling states, heart pumping states, but the overall feeling from afternoon to evening was restful peace.

I wake up and find myself, clearing out the sand. I rewind the memories in my head, back to the dream.

Remember the beginning? Light out of the bay, sailing up wind. Other people, other boats are around.

Then Discovery Island. No more boats, just an island, some water, and me.

Back to the dream. Back to peace. 10 minutes, 1 hour? Time is somewhere else.

Next thought "This is my favourite time for sailing; when the sun is 12 knuckles above the horizon." The water looks cool an somehow things warm up for a short while with the sun's reflection.

I noticed the reflection, had the thought, then back to peace. Back to that overall dream feeling.

I see a lighthouse. Cool lighthouse.

Back to the boat, back to sail shape, back to the peaceful dream.

Over there! A rock? or 2 friends? Drift over. 2 Friends. Say hi. "Nice day for a sail eh?" "Yeah, perfect for sunning on the rocks. " "See ya later." "Yeah, see ya."

Back to the peaceful dream. More time?

Is it time to wake up? I could wake up now, or sleep a little longer. This is a pretty sweet dream, and I have no plans. I'll sleep a little longer.

Oak Bay Marina to Cattle Point in 4:01. The boat starts to fly, just like in all the best dreams.

Back to the peaceful dream. The dream of complete comfort, complete calm.

And Awake.

Wow. Here I am spraying off the boat. What happened for the last 4 hours? That was a great dream.

Dream well. Sleep well. Rest well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank You's

A few Thank Yous:

Big Thanks to Phil from Island Runner, my first real-deal sponsor. Phil fit me well with a great line of shoes, and followed up by providing ultra cool running kit for the season. Thanks Phil!

Oak Bay Bikes introduced me to Papaya in the Fall, and Sugar Cane in the Spring. Today I met with the workings of a new gal named Jalapeno. Definitely Hot Bike! Thanks OBB!

Oak Bay Village Butcher has been there providing product throughout the season. Organic, healthy, and my #1 criteria in this department, happy! A happy chicken lays happy, healthy eggs. Thanks Mike for you support!

Blair Mart opened my oil horizons through countless bottles of grape seed, olive, coconut, almond, and hazelnut oils for cooking and drinking! Absolute Deliciousness. Thank You Mehdi!

Pacific Sport Victoria has been a haven after wet rides, a source for applesauce, and also a prop for opening countless doors and windows. You guys are sweet!

We also have an outstanding and supportive training group. If I were asked to write down the best qualities of an awesome training group, I could only hope to come up with close the quality of awesomeness you guys have! Everything from first time Fall Cyclocross adventures, to mid-Winter Whistler excursions, to the Arizona Edison Brotherhood, to random gatherings and laughs, even a foot sewing lesson in Dr. Keeler's back yard added to a spectacular season. Thank You!

We are privileged to have two of the best coaches. It's been said before and I'll say it again, the combined coaching power of Patrick and Neil is immeasurable. Absolute wickedness, in the most absolute of ways. Thanks for another great season.

The Friends and Family, well it's just one of those things which require more than words. For now, Thank You.

All who have been a part of this and every season, may your generosity come back a million times.

Rest well.


A reflection can change drastically depending on your viewpoint. From here the reflection appears tall like a giraffe, yet from there it looks more like a turtle. A wave comes, and the reflection changes again. For a moment the light is scattered, then slowly recognizable shapes reappear. What is it really? It's a reflection.

How about reflections upon 15 minutes, 24 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, one year, or two? Similarly, they all change based on where you're standing.

It is common practice among athletes to reflect upon their season after major competition, and for the majority of our group, the 2008 competitive triathlon season came to a close at the Big Apple in Kelowna BC. We saw some stellar performances across the board!

On the Junior Men's side, a big time race for Mr. Triple Threat himself, Sharpie McSharpster. Nice race big guy. You are a machine. Aaron demonstrated his overall strength and power. Dude, you are a powerhouse. JP showed he has guts like no other, just what's expected of the Edison Brotherhood. Lowell stepped it up for the day finishing as always, with a smile.

All the Junior Women rose to the occasion with some awesome performances. Kyla swam like a fish with the lead pack and hopped back on her bike even after tasting the asphalt. Taking those corners as fast as possible is the only way to go. That's how you find out what the bike can handle. After all, the only way to truly max the envelope is by ripping it open. After being brutally beaten at the swim start, Alex opened up the throttle on the run with some serious speed. That was blow the mind style speed! Gaby swam lead pack and I think ran a PB or close to it. Nice racing Gaby.

Kerry rocked another podium finish for Elite Nationals! Nice work Kerry!

Andrew put it together on the Swim and Bike showing the miles paid off! Great season dude man. Sweet September Series to come! Scotty went out there and raced despite a nasty head cold, finishing with style. AP showed he knows what needs to be done and he brought it together with a stellar race. Solid training this summer dudes.

My race was neither success nor failure. It just simply was. It was part of the process, an experience to learn from, and in that sense, a successful day of Evolation. Following the race, it was time for inspiration.

Inspiration can arrive from many places and in any from. The birds, trees, mountains, or seas, these are all awesome sources. Music, books, good friends, and family also inspire.

A climbing trip to the Hermit Mountain Range in Glacier National Park would be, among other things, a source for inspiration.

When we go on these trips, it is often unknown exactly what, where, or when the inspiration will be. The trip's purpose is to make our Self available to inspiration, available to the Source. Upon reflection, we see the inspiration may have come from an unexpected place or person.

We can search for it with our eyes, and ears. We can consider, evaluate, and calculate to our minds request and desire. These outwardly effortful pursuites often only lead to frustration through minds timeline. When we allow the inspiration to come, we can see it wherever and whenever we are.

It is with us right here, and right now. I think I often choose the mountains or sea because of an inner love for adventure, but the inspiration always exists whether you wander over glaciers, climb a mountain, or sail with a stormy sea.

From Inspiration we are led to Aspiration.

Inspiration is a great place to live. It can be exhilarating and thrilling, but Aspiration is where it really begins. Aspiration leads us to our Self; where, who, and why we really are.

Aspiration comes from deep within. It starts with a choice deeper than anything of minds origin, way deeper. It sets us and carries us on our Path, our Evolation. Once our aspiration begins, everything changes.

Thanks for a great season. Let's continue to inspire each other and aspire our own Self.

Rest well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


He said the grand finale would be one to remember, blow your mind, never the same again. And . . . it was, it did, and shall be.

The path unfolds as we live each day, breathing in the morning sun and out the midnight moon.

What an absolutely awesome day it was today, perfect in every way.

I woke to something new which felt almost forgotten yet somewhat familiar. I lived something new, which was most definitely familiar and certainly of ancient verse.

It was and is that which draws from inward and outward, but with limitless boundaries, a place where in between is only an idea from close yet far, a place other than down, which can only be seen from up, a place where there is only around here and possibly now.

Sometimes things seem to make a little bit more sense, and tonight is one of those times.

Far too much for the world, so I'm heading upstairs to the Journal.

Rest well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Robot

1st we dance the Robot,

then down to business.Thanks to Shishir for sharing with us the secrets of the Universe tonight.

Rest well.


Well, It's a marvelous day; it's a marvelous night. A day and night to walk through the doors of perception.

It's looking 2/3 full tonight and totally bright.

A while ago I was given a great piece of advice regarding some knee issues. The conversation went a little something like this: "My knee has been soar for a little while." "Well, you had better deal with that."

Awesome. Deal with that. Figure it out. Exactly what I needed to hear. It's a matter of actively dealing with it.

The body is great at dealing with things, maintaining homeostasis, keeping things steady and on the level. There's a certain amount of energy within the body which is delegated accordingly.

There are however, infinite sources of energy within the Universe which can be used by the body. We can choose to connect and direct. This goes for both the energy within and the energy without.

Choose to direct, and deal with that. It's an active allowing action.

We have had some outstanding training over the past few days. Our coaches have done an phenomenal job this year preparing us. We are fit, we are fast, we are healthy, we are happy and we are ready to race.

Friday was one of the best days ever. Sweet swim in the morning, of the drafting variety. I had fun toying with the inner swimmer, teasing and coaxing him/her out for a play.

Frequency run with the A-Russ. Perfect planning for the final track workout. Let's make the alpha motor neurons fired up and ready to go.

The track workout was sweet. As it was our last one of the year, it finished shirtless and sockless in the flats. AP as usual, the king of perfect pacing. Wicked awesomeness.

Next was some nice ice in Cadboro Bay, keeping eyes peeled for the Cadborosaurus of course; followed by an extended ice, which was very nice.

Thanks for a great day.

Saturday was our final T1 swim practice in Durrance. I am definitely looking forward to swimming there when the pools close. My taper began a little early, with a shout out to Steve Keeler. Thanks for the sewing lesson.

On Saturday night, the Jazz man and I reinvented the Olympics in a totally crazy, totally cool way. Just about every sport has a twist. Laughing is great.

The taper continued on Sunday and recovery really started to happen around 11:30am.

Today we were back in the pool and I'm just about off for class #3.

Salsa a Chili con Crosso Bikeo

Rest well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

1/2 a Pie

Is in the sky.

The word awesomeness pops up every now and then. Think for a minute what absolute awesomeness actually is. Wow. Awesomeness.

This evening's awesomeness was on and above the beach of peace, eventually to be surrounded by the mist of peace. What holds together the peace is the real Absolute Awesomeness.

Good swim and a great exploring ride. Andrew and I made our way out to the 100 Acre Wood in search of that secret road off Caleb Pike. I know it's out there. Bound and determined, this Fall we will cross ride each and every driveway to find the infamous Caleb Pike - Thetis Lake connector trail.

Rest well.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It's only been 3 weeks, and I've completely forgotten what I wrote. Now, it's sealed and vaulted, so I will wait until next year.

A few big days of training and I'm feeling awesome. Definitely enjoying the new diet and exercise routine.

Tuesday morning swim was in between regen and effort. I think I may have found where the inner swimming genius lives. I was looking low, and it's definitely high. Due to the shyness factor it may take some work to start conversation rolling, but things look promising for the future.

Mid-day visit to the observatory for some climbing time, and an afternoon run at the Lakes. Sweet run Andrew. That's perfect Kelowna heat prep. Great chat with Cpt. Sco Dags. Thanks dude man.

Many thanks to ShiShiri from the Centre. Really positive evening.

Morning and a lake swim. It was great to see the group again. Thanks to Thetis Lake for being a perfect paradise. Thanks to PK for a good post run chat.

Evening ride of the Wallace West Saanich Loop. Scotty, Andrew, AP, that was some solid riding. If you care about the numbers, well there's even more reason to be happy.

Many thanks to Elizabeth for our final Hatha session of the season. You have taught us all valuable lessons over the past few months.

I think dinner's just about ready.
Cross is coming,

Rest well.