Wednesday, January 28, 2009

salt lick

Smokey used to love the salt lick. I remember testing it out a few times. "Smokey seems to like it, so will I."

Does salt on the roads count as electrolyte replacement?

Jalapeno likes to ride sans fenders and I have learned to listen to her requests. If she wants to ride sans fenders, just let her.

The benefit of no fenders is the salt comes right off the road & onto your face. If you open your mouth down a long descent, Willis point perhaps, you can easily catch enough electrolytes to last. Perfect balance to the water I brought with me.

Nice ride back through the highlands. Thanks for the jaunt.

We're in the water a little more this week as this one's legs on recovery. Great chance to catch up with the fast guys & gals at the pool.

Catchya on the bright side.

Rest well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

nice nap

Jump in head first.
Coast a little faster. Float a little further.
Anchor the feet with the Coates method of kick.
Catch a little. Press a little. Push a little.

Roll the shoulders. Throw the arm.
I start to laugh.

Laughing under water. This is hilarious. Totally relax. Allow the strings to control as though you are a splashing marionette.

Yesterday was recovery day number one. A perfect day to jump in the water for my semi monthly swim lesson, courtesy of Scotty. These are great sessions.

"Relax dude! You've gotta get rid of that claw type thing, 'cause well . . . you've just gotta." Sweet session. Thanks dude man.

Wicked awesome racing by the NTC group this weekend up at the Cobble Hill 10K!

Hearing about your races makes me think about some seriously fun speed work to come. After all, Fast is Fun! Definitely inspiring guys. Thanks for keeping the winter months fun.

For the time being, I will stick to our old Gryphon Nordic motto: LSD now . . . SPEED later.

We have a few more days of recovery from the first 3 week build before testing. This allows more time to be spent considering the bamboo shoot I picked up today at the Root Cellar. I have a feeling there is lots to learn from this tall green stick.

All the best to Austin, JP, & A-Russ who are heading down to Brazil this weekend for a some FAST racing. Travel well, race well, & enjoy the sun!

It's bamboo time.

Rest well.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I like it

Great day of riding bikes, lifting heavy stuff, crystal swimming, & tasty dining.

Rest well.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marmite Dieppoise

We dream to run as the Kenyans do.
We dream to allow our inner cat to play, chasing it's intended prey.

We align our will with that of the cat,
We pray we have the same taste today.

Today we adopted Mike Neill's running term: "Kenyan running."

For the next few weeks, and leading into our focus, we will be running as the Kenyans do. Kenyan running. Thanks for sharing that one Mike.

Great feedback in the pool this morning from PK & Rach. The restart & reboot has allowed new look, feel, & perspective. Thanks for the coaching.

Nice ride as always and a smooth Kenyan run.

Roast Vegetables & Marmite Dieppoise for dinner - good recovery food.

Rest well.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow, Streams, & Stuff

Today's adventure brought us back to the highlands. Snow! I remember you. It seems like only yesterday we were bounding through wast deep drifts, chasing after Lucy & Roman.

After a few times back and over a frosty Willis Point road, we took a sharp left and into the trails. Down, down, down, further and further we hopped over logs, rocks, roots & trees. Rolling through streams, following the water we eventually found the ocean at Finlayson Arm.

Great ride. Shout out to the dude who sent me a spare tube outside of the Red Barn Market, and a big Thanks to the deer who woke me up while riding home along the Interurban trails. Thanks for being there & reminding me why I'm here.

Finished with the snow, done with the streams and it's time to lift heavy stuff.

After a few years off the weights, I have a new appreciation for lifting heavy stuff.

Quite different from a 3 hour, 4hour, 2hour, 7hour ride, run or swim, lifting heavy stuff is like condensed concentration. It's a kind of concentration practice, or maybe concentration intervals.

Thanks for a fun one. Tomorrow will be a great day.

Rest well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sun & Mountains

For the past few years our coaches have been emphasizing "the catch." Catch the water.

Have you ever tried to catch the pedals? Catching the pedals is a pretty easy skill to learn, & cleats make it that much easier. The next trick is to then hang on. Keep a grip on the pedals the whole way round. Keep a hold on the pedals, keeping the catch.

One of the new swim mantras is, "Hold the catch." Even after you've caught the water, hang onto it, & make it move. Keep a hold on the water, just as you keep a hold on the pedals.

It's that rhythmical feel, the rhythmical flow, the continuous connection, and the continuous catch.

We're up to 4-5K in the water, the runs are building in duration, & tomorrow will be our first long ride of the camp. It all feels good.

Point the camera and shoot. It's a real treat.

Train smart. Train with heart.
Rest well.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Balancing act . . .

We're back and it feels great!

Today marks the beginning of week number three, and our first official cycling camp of the season. It'll be a great one & I look forward to sharing a few stories with you.

The balance master himself.

Rest well.

Friday, January 9, 2009

crisp sails

It is all so totally awesome. In fact, it's always becoming better.

The past few days have been great. The body is adjusting well to the training routine & with a few big questions answered, the sails are full.

New crisp sails. New crisp sails with the perfect shape. The perfect shape. The perfect shape to catch perfect wind for this boat.

There are a few swells coming up from behind. Shift position and catch that wave! Now we can sail faster than the wind.

Rest well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A side effect of extended rest periods is they allow us to reinvent.

Reinventing is particularly noticeable in the pool. All the old habits are still there, however since every movement requires much thought and effort, this is a perfect opportunity to create new ones. It's time to reinvent the stroke.

This year's pool invention is the connection reinvention. Reinvent the connection. It's taken a few solid hours of thought, but I think connection is starting to mean something.

Smooth run, smooth bike, beet salad & asparagus soup.

Rest well

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hang'n with my bud, the Finn man. . .

Thanks for the great recovery over the past month. Definitely lots of adventure, just the way I like it. Great Human Powered Racing Christmas Party, NTC Family Christmas Dinner, and of course the Highlands adventure.

Huge shout out to Kelly for the 10 days up there. That was absolute sweetness. Roman & Lucy are definitely cool dogs, & 2 new awesome friends. Thanks Lucy for the Inner Huskey lesson & Roman, thanks for showing me what sticking with it really, really looks like.

Now back at the Edward Street fort, it feels great to be back on the scheduled program.

The first few days were planning/running/swimming/weights/yoga sort of days. Figure some numbers, figure which numbers will make the first numbers become more figurable, go train.

Yesterday was the Finnlayson adventure. This years intro back to running . . . chasing Adam & Jazz up & down the back side of Mt.Finnlayson with of course, a few side trips. I was very thankful to have the Inner Huskey practice with Lucy earlier that week. Dudes thanks a bunch That was a sweet start.

Run, Swim, Bike today & a good time @ Oak Bay Rec.

One more chill'n out picture . . .

Rest well.