Monday, October 31, 2011

Cross the Rock

Back to the series!

3 years? Really three years since Juan de Fuca cross? You betcha.

Man oh man this stuff is fun. Here are a few thoughts by play.

First, the Cross the Rock series is wicked fun. It has the grass roots feel all over, and is run by a wicked awesome bunch. So chill, yet so let's-get-out-there-and-just-giv'er. How many series are there where the race director hops into the final race of the day? Norm does. Wicked cool.

Pre-ride was groov-tastic. An attempt to stick the tracks of super rock star T Trace for a loop proved handy for figuring a few corners. Honestly, riding behind a guy like that is like putting your learning curve into over drive. It's amazing. Just watch. Then do. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Throw yourself in race mode and it's a must do situation. Must keep up. Must ride that line. Must hop that ditch. Must ride that sand pit. Must round all seven hundred eighty nine corners with minimal breaking. Ahhh the key.

There are of course a few situations where the skills are just a little to far spread. Who do we call? Mr. Engine.

Come on. When are we going to be at that massive climb, followed by the other massive climb? That's were we catch 'em. BUILD THE BEAST.

On 4/6 loops, just post stair climb, the hi was a little too high before landing low.
Hiiiiii-Ho Silver . . . Thbthbthtb.

Lap 4 - 5 was a running lap & I think I was faster overall on the windey bits.

The Vegan Dove himself caught me & offered a wheel. Wicked cool.

Round the 'bout and it's one to go. Hi Ho Hi Ho.

Thanks Bro for riding up for the show.

Off to work we go.

Rest well.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Build the Beast!

Chin ups to the extreme.

+ 2 days and the arms still seem to be stuck at 160 degrees.

"Come on . . . you can do one more . . . "

Todd says.

"You want strong legs. Do lunges for 60 minutes with a 50lb vest."




Rest well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

High tides, Pumpkins, & Firecrackers

We travel to become along a road named aspiration. We pass through valleys, over mountains, and cross rivers.

From the top of a mountain we can see a path to the sea.

From the valley we can see the mountains we have just climbed.

At the river we can pause for a drink before jumping in.


It is time. There's excitement for next season and appreciation of the last.

Apples on the lawn, chestnuts on the grass, & logs on the fire.
Mid terms, roller skis, & new Yoga routines.
Squash in the oven, soup on the stove, & sand on the tires.
Early sunsets, late sunrises, and dew in the morning.

Let's go ride bikes.

Rest Well.