Sunday, August 31, 2008


Whales have a certain spectacular way of being. Words can only try to describe.

Thanks to the pod that put on a show today just off Jimmy Chicken Island.

Rest well.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

12 Knuckles above the Horizon

It's the early side of evening, a while past the late side of afternoon. This has been an afternoon of such complete calm, such complete comfort.

So calm and so comfortable. As I spray down the boat, I wonder what just happened. Was that a dream? As far as I can tell, it was. It had all the aspects of dream. There were passing brief impatient states, thrilling states, heart pumping states, but the overall feeling from afternoon to evening was restful peace.

I wake up and find myself, clearing out the sand. I rewind the memories in my head, back to the dream.

Remember the beginning? Light out of the bay, sailing up wind. Other people, other boats are around.

Then Discovery Island. No more boats, just an island, some water, and me.

Back to the dream. Back to peace. 10 minutes, 1 hour? Time is somewhere else.

Next thought "This is my favourite time for sailing; when the sun is 12 knuckles above the horizon." The water looks cool an somehow things warm up for a short while with the sun's reflection.

I noticed the reflection, had the thought, then back to peace. Back to that overall dream feeling.

I see a lighthouse. Cool lighthouse.

Back to the boat, back to sail shape, back to the peaceful dream.

Over there! A rock? or 2 friends? Drift over. 2 Friends. Say hi. "Nice day for a sail eh?" "Yeah, perfect for sunning on the rocks. " "See ya later." "Yeah, see ya."

Back to the peaceful dream. More time?

Is it time to wake up? I could wake up now, or sleep a little longer. This is a pretty sweet dream, and I have no plans. I'll sleep a little longer.

Oak Bay Marina to Cattle Point in 4:01. The boat starts to fly, just like in all the best dreams.

Back to the peaceful dream. The dream of complete comfort, complete calm.

And Awake.

Wow. Here I am spraying off the boat. What happened for the last 4 hours? That was a great dream.

Dream well. Sleep well. Rest well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thank You's

A few Thank Yous:

Big Thanks to Phil from Island Runner, my first real-deal sponsor. Phil fit me well with a great line of shoes, and followed up by providing ultra cool running kit for the season. Thanks Phil!

Oak Bay Bikes introduced me to Papaya in the Fall, and Sugar Cane in the Spring. Today I met with the workings of a new gal named Jalapeno. Definitely Hot Bike! Thanks OBB!

Oak Bay Village Butcher has been there providing product throughout the season. Organic, healthy, and my #1 criteria in this department, happy! A happy chicken lays happy, healthy eggs. Thanks Mike for you support!

Blair Mart opened my oil horizons through countless bottles of grape seed, olive, coconut, almond, and hazelnut oils for cooking and drinking! Absolute Deliciousness. Thank You Mehdi!

Pacific Sport Victoria has been a haven after wet rides, a source for applesauce, and also a prop for opening countless doors and windows. You guys are sweet!

We also have an outstanding and supportive training group. If I were asked to write down the best qualities of an awesome training group, I could only hope to come up with close the quality of awesomeness you guys have! Everything from first time Fall Cyclocross adventures, to mid-Winter Whistler excursions, to the Arizona Edison Brotherhood, to random gatherings and laughs, even a foot sewing lesson in Dr. Keeler's back yard added to a spectacular season. Thank You!

We are privileged to have two of the best coaches. It's been said before and I'll say it again, the combined coaching power of Patrick and Neil is immeasurable. Absolute wickedness, in the most absolute of ways. Thanks for another great season.

The Friends and Family, well it's just one of those things which require more than words. For now, Thank You.

All who have been a part of this and every season, may your generosity come back a million times.

Rest well.


A reflection can change drastically depending on your viewpoint. From here the reflection appears tall like a giraffe, yet from there it looks more like a turtle. A wave comes, and the reflection changes again. For a moment the light is scattered, then slowly recognizable shapes reappear. What is it really? It's a reflection.

How about reflections upon 15 minutes, 24 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, one year, or two? Similarly, they all change based on where you're standing.

It is common practice among athletes to reflect upon their season after major competition, and for the majority of our group, the 2008 competitive triathlon season came to a close at the Big Apple in Kelowna BC. We saw some stellar performances across the board!

On the Junior Men's side, a big time race for Mr. Triple Threat himself, Sharpie McSharpster. Nice race big guy. You are a machine. Aaron demonstrated his overall strength and power. Dude, you are a powerhouse. JP showed he has guts like no other, just what's expected of the Edison Brotherhood. Lowell stepped it up for the day finishing as always, with a smile.

All the Junior Women rose to the occasion with some awesome performances. Kyla swam like a fish with the lead pack and hopped back on her bike even after tasting the asphalt. Taking those corners as fast as possible is the only way to go. That's how you find out what the bike can handle. After all, the only way to truly max the envelope is by ripping it open. After being brutally beaten at the swim start, Alex opened up the throttle on the run with some serious speed. That was blow the mind style speed! Gaby swam lead pack and I think ran a PB or close to it. Nice racing Gaby.

Kerry rocked another podium finish for Elite Nationals! Nice work Kerry!

Andrew put it together on the Swim and Bike showing the miles paid off! Great season dude man. Sweet September Series to come! Scotty went out there and raced despite a nasty head cold, finishing with style. AP showed he knows what needs to be done and he brought it together with a stellar race. Solid training this summer dudes.

My race was neither success nor failure. It just simply was. It was part of the process, an experience to learn from, and in that sense, a successful day of Evolation. Following the race, it was time for inspiration.

Inspiration can arrive from many places and in any from. The birds, trees, mountains, or seas, these are all awesome sources. Music, books, good friends, and family also inspire.

A climbing trip to the Hermit Mountain Range in Glacier National Park would be, among other things, a source for inspiration.

When we go on these trips, it is often unknown exactly what, where, or when the inspiration will be. The trip's purpose is to make our Self available to inspiration, available to the Source. Upon reflection, we see the inspiration may have come from an unexpected place or person.

We can search for it with our eyes, and ears. We can consider, evaluate, and calculate to our minds request and desire. These outwardly effortful pursuites often only lead to frustration through minds timeline. When we allow the inspiration to come, we can see it wherever and whenever we are.

It is with us right here, and right now. I think I often choose the mountains or sea because of an inner love for adventure, but the inspiration always exists whether you wander over glaciers, climb a mountain, or sail with a stormy sea.

From Inspiration we are led to Aspiration.

Inspiration is a great place to live. It can be exhilarating and thrilling, but Aspiration is where it really begins. Aspiration leads us to our Self; where, who, and why we really are.

Aspiration comes from deep within. It starts with a choice deeper than anything of minds origin, way deeper. It sets us and carries us on our Path, our Evolation. Once our aspiration begins, everything changes.

Thanks for a great season. Let's continue to inspire each other and aspire our own Self.

Rest well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


He said the grand finale would be one to remember, blow your mind, never the same again. And . . . it was, it did, and shall be.

The path unfolds as we live each day, breathing in the morning sun and out the midnight moon.

What an absolutely awesome day it was today, perfect in every way.

I woke to something new which felt almost forgotten yet somewhat familiar. I lived something new, which was most definitely familiar and certainly of ancient verse.

It was and is that which draws from inward and outward, but with limitless boundaries, a place where in between is only an idea from close yet far, a place other than down, which can only be seen from up, a place where there is only around here and possibly now.

Sometimes things seem to make a little bit more sense, and tonight is one of those times.

Far too much for the world, so I'm heading upstairs to the Journal.

Rest well.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Robot

1st we dance the Robot,

then down to business.Thanks to Shishir for sharing with us the secrets of the Universe tonight.

Rest well.


Well, It's a marvelous day; it's a marvelous night. A day and night to walk through the doors of perception.

It's looking 2/3 full tonight and totally bright.

A while ago I was given a great piece of advice regarding some knee issues. The conversation went a little something like this: "My knee has been soar for a little while." "Well, you had better deal with that."

Awesome. Deal with that. Figure it out. Exactly what I needed to hear. It's a matter of actively dealing with it.

The body is great at dealing with things, maintaining homeostasis, keeping things steady and on the level. There's a certain amount of energy within the body which is delegated accordingly.

There are however, infinite sources of energy within the Universe which can be used by the body. We can choose to connect and direct. This goes for both the energy within and the energy without.

Choose to direct, and deal with that. It's an active allowing action.

We have had some outstanding training over the past few days. Our coaches have done an phenomenal job this year preparing us. We are fit, we are fast, we are healthy, we are happy and we are ready to race.

Friday was one of the best days ever. Sweet swim in the morning, of the drafting variety. I had fun toying with the inner swimmer, teasing and coaxing him/her out for a play.

Frequency run with the A-Russ. Perfect planning for the final track workout. Let's make the alpha motor neurons fired up and ready to go.

The track workout was sweet. As it was our last one of the year, it finished shirtless and sockless in the flats. AP as usual, the king of perfect pacing. Wicked awesomeness.

Next was some nice ice in Cadboro Bay, keeping eyes peeled for the Cadborosaurus of course; followed by an extended ice, which was very nice.

Thanks for a great day.

Saturday was our final T1 swim practice in Durrance. I am definitely looking forward to swimming there when the pools close. My taper began a little early, with a shout out to Steve Keeler. Thanks for the sewing lesson.

On Saturday night, the Jazz man and I reinvented the Olympics in a totally crazy, totally cool way. Just about every sport has a twist. Laughing is great.

The taper continued on Sunday and recovery really started to happen around 11:30am.

Today we were back in the pool and I'm just about off for class #3.

Salsa a Chili con Crosso Bikeo

Rest well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

1/2 a Pie

Is in the sky.

The word awesomeness pops up every now and then. Think for a minute what absolute awesomeness actually is. Wow. Awesomeness.

This evening's awesomeness was on and above the beach of peace, eventually to be surrounded by the mist of peace. What holds together the peace is the real Absolute Awesomeness.

Good swim and a great exploring ride. Andrew and I made our way out to the 100 Acre Wood in search of that secret road off Caleb Pike. I know it's out there. Bound and determined, this Fall we will cross ride each and every driveway to find the infamous Caleb Pike - Thetis Lake connector trail.

Rest well.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It's only been 3 weeks, and I've completely forgotten what I wrote. Now, it's sealed and vaulted, so I will wait until next year.

A few big days of training and I'm feeling awesome. Definitely enjoying the new diet and exercise routine.

Tuesday morning swim was in between regen and effort. I think I may have found where the inner swimming genius lives. I was looking low, and it's definitely high. Due to the shyness factor it may take some work to start conversation rolling, but things look promising for the future.

Mid-day visit to the observatory for some climbing time, and an afternoon run at the Lakes. Sweet run Andrew. That's perfect Kelowna heat prep. Great chat with Cpt. Sco Dags. Thanks dude man.

Many thanks to ShiShiri from the Centre. Really positive evening.

Morning and a lake swim. It was great to see the group again. Thanks to Thetis Lake for being a perfect paradise. Thanks to PK for a good post run chat.

Evening ride of the Wallace West Saanich Loop. Scotty, Andrew, AP, that was some solid riding. If you care about the numbers, well there's even more reason to be happy.

Many thanks to Elizabeth for our final Hatha session of the season. You have taught us all valuable lessons over the past few months.

I think dinner's just about ready.
Cross is coming,

Rest well.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet day eh?

The hands carry memories of a today's play.

Rock climbing hands might feel blistered and used, the awesome end of rock climbing used feeling. They're dry from chalk, and dirty from the wall, perhaps worn from belaying. When you bend your fingers, you can feel each and every crease and fold. Great feeling.

Working with sheep on the farm also leaves distinctive hand memories. The feeling of lanolin on the skin is like no other. Waterproof to the extreme, a little waxy, surly used, and ready for recovery. Almost bomb proof feeling.

Dingy sailing hands. Kind of crackly from the salt, and abrased from the sheets. They're awoken from the sun, and have a similar to rock climbing feel when you bend your fingers. It's great to feel this feeling tonight.

Today was a sweet day both in and on the water. Start the day in Thetis for a perimeter loop. Every few weeks I hop in on these extended low end swim sets. Thanks for the swim this morning.

Next stop is on the water, Laser style. After a few hours on the water I found myself flying about 500m off 10mile point. Wow, I am cruising right now. Wait . . . I have been cruising in the same spot for about 10 minutes. Current.

Sometimes the only logical choice is to sail up the current.

Today, in order to find clean water and make it home, that was the way. Ok, now I know I'm sailing into the current, and to make headway, something must change.

Well, what are my sources of power and resistance? That big white thing above the water is power, and that little white thing below the surface is resistance.

Allow the big white thing to catch as much wind energy as possible. Catch all the wind you can, and turn it into power.

Now, the little white thing. I'm reaching down wind right now. Do I really need the little white thing? Pull it up so we're no longer catching a resisting current.

Success. Sailing up the current, with little extra effort required. Sometimes all it takes is first an awareness of your source of power and resistance, then setting your sails and foils accordingly.

Ride the wind. Ride the waves.

All those returning from PEI tomorrow, have a safe and smooth flight back.

Rest well.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Today my bro, yes the G-man, the G-money-honey, the G-tar himself and I went down to Caddy bay for some sailing, courtesy of Patrick and his two Lasers! Awesome sailing adventure. Thanks for the key. It's always an adventure.

Ok, how do we rig these things again? Wow, it's been a while. Still, it comes back quickly. Out the bay, through Banes channel to Chatham Island, round the Chain of Islands, and play with the seals. Race to the red light house, back to the Chain and drum a beat on the hull. Synchronize with the gulls. Cruise back in for dinner. The inner kite is happy. Top it off with BC Day Fireworks from the porch. Awesomeness.

Great day Graeme! Thanks for watching Self Transcendence race this morning too.

Great work this morning by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon team putting together another outstanding event. I was talking with another athlete after the race and we both decided there is something special about this race. It's definitely the most relaxed atmosphere of any race we could think of. At the same time it's safe, well organized, and fun! The Sri Chinmoy Spirit of Self Transcendence definitely carries through the event.

Thanks once again to Elk Lake, the Saanich Peninsula, and the trails for being there today. I always appreciate spending time with you.

Mix Master Mike, I'm looking forward to the day we can race the real deal. Until then, this or perhaps a 70.3 will suit. Scotty, it looks to me like you are coming into good form for Kelowna. 2 weeks to go, let's make it a great set!

Sounds like it was an eventful day out in Summerside PEI too. Great racing all around! I'm looking forward to hearing racing and weekend stories upon your westerly return.

I just remembered something I thought of a few years ago. I need to go write this down.

Thanks for Sunday. See you Monday.

Rest well.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Banana Tree

Have you ever tasted something and tried to determine the ingredients? We used to play this game every so often back at 94 Steffler drive in Guelph. Brian was always the champ, followed closely by Judy.Once you have the ingredients down, you can try to recreate.

What about reading the ingredients list and trying to re-create something prepackaged? Sometimes this works, and other times it's just a fun experiment.

This evening I decided Burrito shells must be fairly easy to make. Cornmeal, salt, water, some long preservative chemical names.

The first three attempts were about adding enough water so it would cook properly.

After that, the flavor factor. Lemon juice seems to work. I also tried adding cheese. There's the kicker.

Finally, the texture equation. The cornmeal I had in the cupboard was fairly coarse. 10 minutes in the food processor honestly had little effect. I think texture is where the key lies. Someone must make corn flour.

Conclusion: More research required.

Friday was the prep day we've all been waiting for.
1600 warm up
3 x (6 x 50 on 50/40; 200 on 3:00 (go for it); 100 ez on 3:00)
400 kk/swim
cool down.

Word on the street was that Mix Master X Factor Mike Neill was taking the full day off in preparation for the Elk Lake Triathlon Championships this weekend.

When this news made it to Swim Master Harvey, our swim changed for the lighter. 3rd round 200 will be smooth, only if you're worried about Mike. . .

Tricky, but either way it's a sweet taper.

Best of the best to those racing Summerside in PEI. Enjoy your time with the Atlantic.

Rest well.