Sunday, September 22, 2013


It is a question we have all asked time and time again.  We ask ourSelf, our friends, our family, our coach.  We ask anyone who may be listening.

Sometimes we may be given an answer.

Before every practice, Swim Master Neil Harvey would always ask, "Any questions other than why?"  Why would be a welcome question after practice, but by that time we usually knew the answer.

Why this part of the set?  Why this for warm up?  Why that rest interval there?  Why this rest interval here?  These are easy why's.

Then there are deeper why's.  Why am I here?  I'm here to train.  I'm training to race.  I'm racing to win.  But is that enough?  Is there more to racing than winning?


Why else am I racing?  Why else am I training?


Racing can be a source of Anxiety.  It can be a source of Fear, Doubt, Pressure, and Confinement.

Racing can also be a source of Peace.  It can be a source of Courage, Beauty, Bliss, and Beyond.

Deep within a race is a special place.  It is a place we find our Self.  It is a place of ultimate Freedom.  Within this place we have absolute Freedom to control the pace. We understand the race.  This is a place where dreams come true.

Racing and training are pathways to Freedom.

Freedom is Why.

Rest well.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and fascia do it just as the spokes on your wheels.  Break a spoke, and the tension becomes unbalanced.  Your wheel becomes untrue.

Balance your tension and you have equilibrium.

With thought, we alter tension and pressure, whether hydrolic or magnetic.

Let go of unnecessary pressure.  Balance the tension.  You now have freedom of movement.  You now have better ability to feel rhythm whether playing music, swimming, cycling or running.

Balance tension and feel rhythm.

Rest well.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I love to race.

I love it.  It's awesome.

I love to train.  It's super awesome.

"I don't care where you put your water bottle.  You could tie it on with a string for all I care.  Just race your bike." - MW

Just race your bike.

Rest well:)