Thursday, February 27, 2014

Musical Mindset

Listen to the subtleties, the rhythm, the message, the music.

Feel it inside of You.  Become it.  Express it.

Ask yourSelf, "Does it resonate?  Do I feel it?  Do we connect?"

Pay attention to the subtleties and ask yourSelf.

As you feel the wave lift, stand up and ride that wave all the way to shore.

As you feel the music lift, stand up and ride that wave all the way to shore.

Choose music that lifts you and carries you to shore.

Pay attention to the subtleties of the music around you.

Rest well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First of the Season

2.75 to the washrooms,
strides to 3.0,
jog to 3.33.


0:44 to the crosswalk,
1:48 at the top of the hill,
2:41 at the parking sign,
3:37 at the crosswalk,
across the flats, & up the hill.


Rinse & Repeat.

It sure feels great to be back.

Rest well.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

White Wolf

Then he arrived, the perfect pacer to climb the Heights.

Almost everyone who has climbed the Heights knows of or has heard of the legend.  He's chased many away, and encouraged more than a few sprints past.

I've always thought, "If I ever encounter a Mountain Lion face to face, I'll send out as much love as I have.  I'm not here to threaten.  I'm here as a friend."

As I approached, the White Wolf walked to the centre of the road and looked right into my eyes.  I remembered the plan.  "I'm here as a friend."

Happy Dog!  Friendly Dog!

And a perfect companion to the top of the climb.

Thanks for the smiles.

Rest well.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Red paint on the side of the road.  Drips.  Then another.


A trail of blood running down the Gillespie climb.

That's weird.

Ravens in the background.

All alone.

Silence surrounds all but the breath.

A Tiger!

In the bush!

A Tiger!

Wait. Was that a Tiger?

Maybe a Cougar.


Is it wise to ride back that way?


Ravens still there.  Still quiet.  Still breathing.

Next time Tiger.

Rest well.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Adventures with Jalapeño

Jalapeño's are very much fun to play with, but they can be dangerous.  Just ask the one currently hanging in our bike locker behind the building.

Treat them nicely, with caution and respect, and they will take on a ride to remember.  They'll carry you over rocks, between trees and through streams.  They'll add heat to any wet day, warming your core, tempting you with the thought of more.  Take them for granted however, and they may come back to haunt. . .

"I'll wash the chopping board in a moment.  It'll be ok . . "

"That's a funny sound.  It'll be ok. . . "

Pretty soon your lips might be burning.  Better yet, you're 20 miles up a logging road wondering if there's any way to fix a free hub on the go.

The good news is that it's mostly downhill.  There's also fresh water to drink, although I've heard milk is a better cure for the heat.  Good thing there's an extra pair of mitts.

Rest well.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I like risky buisiness

The goal is simple, go as fast as you can.

Pace yourself, heading out at a pace you know you can sustain.  Finish strong.  Finish fast.

Head out fast, knowing you can run this fast.  Finish fast.  Finish with nothing left.

In the first example the risk is that you head out too slowly.  Could you have gone faster today?

In the second example the risk is that you head out to fast.  Could you have gone faster today?

Do you really know how fast you can go today?

The game you choose to play is up to you.  It's your game.  Play it the way that suits your personality.  Either way it's risky business.

Rest well.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rose Coloured Lenses

Siberian Tigers hunt in the rain, sleet, & snow.  Candy melts.  What's your disposition?

Some considerations for thriving through the winter on this beautiful Island in the Pacific:

Rose coloured lenses.  They protect your eyes from dirt and all kinds of things found in the wake of logging trucks along West Coast road. Rose colour is of particular importance.  As they say, "Change the way you see the world and the world itself changes."

Double Bootie.  Strengthening the glutes is what it's all about this time of year, but consider your toes.  Double bootie; one for the wind, one for the wet.

Tuck your gloves into your jacket.  Think plumbing on this one.  Water runs downhill and gloves seem to be waterproof in both directions.

Drink ginger tea.  Before, during, and after, always ginger tea.

Start with 3 bottles.  2 on the frame, & one hot water bottle in your back jersey pocket.  Please drink them and fill up along the way.

Give your bike love.  Use that goopy green lube on the chain.  It's way more likely to stick around hour after hour in the rain.

Fenders.  As uncool as they look, good ones will change your life.

Microwave your gloves 1/2 way.  Your hands will thank you.  That being said, the next person to heat up a coffee at the Shell station may be a little curious.

Swimming and riding in the rain are pretty much akin, once you're in it's all the same.

Rest well.