Wednesday, October 22, 2014

wise words

He had been up sine 5:30, testing wax combinations, powders, and base preps.  He had pre skied the course frontward and back. He knew where he wanted race support giving splits.  He knew the start lists, our positions in line, and who we were each racing.

I'm pretty sure he had a good idea of where the cards would fall, but he had also taught us well. We were the players, and we would fight given any hand.

As he passed me my skis, there was an undeniable lack of urgent emergency, a stark contrast to what I felt.

"Don't you understand?" I would question silently in my own mind. "This, right now, this, this defines me.  This is not a time for smiles. It's not a time for fun."

His cheeks were bright red, flushed from being out in the cold.  He passed me my skis and said:

"Have fun Steve."

"Are you kidding me? Fun? You must have no idea, no idea at all."

I heard those same three words before every race we did as a team.  I heard them every time. I listened every time.  I heard, I listened, but I didn't understand. I didn't even really try to understand.


Eight years later I think I might.

Thank you Gord.

Rest well.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Mountain

After days of snow.

I wake up, open the curtains, and see the sky; light blue, barely different from the snow shade on the mountainside.

The east face starts to wake as gold and brilliant white patches emerge on the summit. Gradually they descend, ledge by ledge, golden light and golden white.

I'm excited.

Now, closer to me a new face emerges. The mountain is alive.  I watch as the light descends and dances between the trees.

I must climb the mountain.

Rest well

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mouse Meat

Catching a mouse could be a great feat,

Especially if there has been no food to eat.

Isn't it nice of the mouse to give us their meat?

But the Tiger isn't satisfied with mouse meat.  He will starve.

The Tiger's eyes are set on Big Game, A Moose, 2 - 3 the size of the Tiger.

The Tiger has witnessed a kill.  He must keep practicing his own skill.

Eyes set on the Big Game.

Rest Well.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Solitary Tiger, Superlative Hunter. 

Practiced skill, Perfected Patience. 

Tigers are Professional. 

Even with all that skill and patience, the Tiger still must learn how to hunt. Even then, he doesn't eat dinner every night.

The temperature has begun to fall. The sun follows, slowly lowering itself to the horizon.

Hungry Tiger.

Rest well.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Musical Mindset

Listen to the subtleties, the rhythm, the message, the music.

Feel it inside of You.  Become it.  Express it.

Ask yourSelf, "Does it resonate?  Do I feel it?  Do we connect?"

Pay attention to the subtleties and ask yourSelf.

As you feel the wave lift, stand up and ride that wave all the way to shore.

As you feel the music lift, stand up and ride that wave all the way to shore.

Choose music that lifts you and carries you to shore.

Pay attention to the subtleties of the music around you.

Rest well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First of the Season

2.75 to the washrooms,
strides to 3.0,
jog to 3.33.


0:44 to the crosswalk,
1:48 at the top of the hill,
2:41 at the parking sign,
3:37 at the crosswalk,
across the flats, & up the hill.


Rinse & Repeat.

It sure feels great to be back.

Rest well.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

White Wolf

Then he arrived, the perfect pacer to climb the Heights.

Almost everyone who has climbed the Heights knows of or has heard of the legend.  He's chased many away, and encouraged more than a few sprints past.

I've always thought, "If I ever encounter a Mountain Lion face to face, I'll send out as much love as I have.  I'm not here to threaten.  I'm here as a friend."

As I approached, the White Wolf walked to the centre of the road and looked right into my eyes.  I remembered the plan.  "I'm here as a friend."

Happy Dog!  Friendly Dog!

And a perfect companion to the top of the climb.

Thanks for the smiles.

Rest well.