Monday, September 21, 2009

Arnica Lake leads to Arnica Gel

Sometimes you wake up with a song in your head. Why? Who knows.

Sometimes you wake up with a word, poem, or thought in your head. Why? Who knows.

Thursday morning I woke up with the Golden Hinde in my head. Why? Who knows.

It's Thursday afternoon, 3 sleeps left of the off season. Let's do it.

For this adventure, the counterpart in crime would be none other than Ben the Man Cotter:

Dude, thanks for a great trip.

A quick trip to the library for a little research, some map hunting, a little food gathering, and we were ready for an early departure the next morning.

Less than 24 hours from our trips conception, here we are on Friday afternoon:

The platform was an absolute lifesaver. By morning we were surrounded by a lake much bigger than Big Agnis, our now "4 season" shelter.

Hike in. Set up. Bed by 5:30. Sweet.


One word describes this day: EPIC

For the most part, our cameras stayed in the bags today. Sometimes, even when the journey is a memorable reward, for safety's sake you just keep moving.

This time safety's sake spun us around somewhere above Burns lake, making today's journey an extra long reward. Next time hillhopper.

Quote of the day: "Oh, there's one." - Referring to the somewhat sparse cairns, seemingly spaced just out of eyesight on a very white day.


Blueberries for Breakfast at Arnica Lake

This was the beaut'y day. Thankfully we had the favorable weather on our way out. If it had come a day early, we could have been in for a doosey.

That must be why.

Rest well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coach says . . .



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thanks for the chat & homework.


Chase that thought.

Chase that thought. Faster!

Chase that thought! Faster! Faster! Faster!

I have practiced running. I can catch this thought. Faster!

There's another. Chase that one too. They're running together. Now they've split. Faster!

We practice running all the time. We practice running even when it's raining. Come on. Catch those thoughts. Faster!


New plan.

Stop Running.



Rest well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Off Season Soup

A Method:

2 pinches of smells like seaweed. It's best to use the ocean fresh air kind. It can be found all over the island. Smells like seaweed is readily available for collection and enjoyment at any time, day and night.

1 bunch extended mid day beach walk. Try to share this with someone special, you'll appreciate the final taste much more. Experiment with various directions . . . up, down, east, west, left and right are all great ways to begin.

3+ late night bakery visits. Save one to be enjoyed with friends. Show up alone for two or more.

As always . . . Adventure! Reunion Adventure . . . and of course the solo adventure.

Stir the above in a somewhat random sort of way. At some point, try a way of mindful consideration. But, if in doubt, go with the way that just goes, because right now, it's the way to go.

On the stove, or above the fire, wherever you might be, start the simmer. A little red wine could be nice. Only cook with wine you would drink because even now, quality is key.

Remember slow cooking. Now is the time to be patient!

Play some music. Learn some music.

Add more patience. . . and more music.

Always more music.

As the smells start to mingle, flavors join forces, consider the season. Was there enough sugar? Perhaps a little less salt. . . I do like pepper. Fresh ground is best.

Still more music.

This is off season and right now, it's on season.

Rest well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Simmer. Smell. Season. Stir.

It's soup season, and the freezer is filling up fast.

An all time favorite of mine will always be the good old faithful, Leek and Potato Classic.

It's a cool drum line. It's the white, maybe blue canvas. It's where the fun begins. It's where we start the soup season.

This time, there's a twist to Leek & Potato. The twist looks like a leek, but more bulbous in nature, tastes a little like licorish. Leek & Potato with a Fennel twist.

After one day of confidence building, taste testing, reuniting with the bamboo and steel, we dive deeper into the fridge.

Look back . . . wayyyy back. . .

Hmmm . . . A Pre-Penticton Acorn Squash. We have our canvas.

Move a few plastic wrapped balls of dough, slide those carrots aside, Ah ha! Orange Pepper. I knew a few of you were hiding back there.

Slice. Season. Roast.

A big part of the soup season is our Fall season arsenal: Garlic, only the good ones, and that last leftover onion. Saute.

Orange seems to be the theme . . . we'll say Yes to Carrots. Dice.

Potato? Always Potato.

Stock. Season. Simmer.

Spice? mmmm . . . no spice this time . . . Let's see what herbs look healthy outside.

Rosmary. Oh, and our Roasted Pepper.

Simmer. Smell. Season. Stir.

I like soup season.

Rest well.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Back from the land of peaches, this time the pineapple picking postponed. . .

A visual to help explain.

^ ^
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
x x

Imagine an infinite number of rays, each with a beginning. X marks the spot, the beginning spark of our own intention.

From an external perspective, one ray may be considered success, and the other . . . something else. However, the rays share two things in common. Both have the same spark, the same intention to begin. Perhaps more significantly, they share the same direction.

From here, the horizon of our being, we sit. We ponder the direction of our intention.

We sit here, understand where, and decide why. If we are here, and know why, next we move to motivate the orientation of our rays.

Each ray traces a path, sharing the story of our experience.

One story runs through the jungle, another through the trees. This story travels across the sand, and another beneath the sea.

The jungle story may be full of mountains, rivers, tigers, and bears. It could rain in the mountains, yet be dry beneath the trees.

The desert journey is hot during the day, and cold at night. One afternoon an oasis, or another week before then next shady palm.

Even different still is our underwater journey, one with sharks, coral, dolphins, and seals. The morning brings an ebb, while evening begins to flow.

What brings these journeys together is our own intention. It is our will to create direction.

When we race, we choose our direction. We share the experience with those on the course, friends, family, coaches, and fans.

Thanks for another great experience, and a new path drawn in the sand.

Rest well.