Friday, May 9, 2008


Tracking and understanding progress is an essential tool for improving performance. There are countless markers we can identify, measure, calculate, and record. Take heat training for example. We can measure both ambient and core temperatures, humidity, duration of exercise, heart rate, power, perceived exertion, and even the electrolytes lost. All these numbers combine to create an image of the workout. We can compare our results to future and past practices, then decide, "Was it a good workout?"

When determining the quality of a heat training session I like to use the reflection test. It's a simple yet telling test.

If at the end of your workout you find yourself staring into a mirror of sweat deeply puddled beneath your rollers, it was a good session.

By these standards, today's heat ride was a 11/10.

Today's swim brought to attention one of Neil's key principals: Form with Fatigue.

Our main set was 12 x 200m. It's easy to swim the first couple fast, same with the next few, and the pair after that. Now what about when fatigue sets in. This is when form becomes increasingly important.

I imagine these last few are the repetitions which really allow us to reroute our neural pathways, and recruit in correct order the proper motor units. It's when the brain wants to default to old habitual pathways that we need to consciously decide precisely how we operate our bodies, and our brains.

Rewire, Reprogram, (Re)create.

Sweet run this afternoon at the u of vic-TOW-reE-a. 30' warm up with a little Scandinavian speed play. 9 x 1000m. Cool down. Smooth like chocolate, in the most extra sweet sort of way. Wicked awesome running by the whole group. Andrew, that was sweet. Just like clockwork. Next time we're going to crank out 10, then throw down some flying deuces to finish it off.

Dinner was the ultimate in leftover lambwich sensation.

Delicious Roast Lamb, Fatty Fried Eggs, Tasty Roasted Garlic, Roasted Red Peppers, Boring Lettuce, Semi-boring Tomato, Ultimate Onion, Crunchy Pickles, Smelly Parmesan, Grainy Weirdo Mustard, Hot Horseradish, Birdseed Bread

Thanks for the great day.

Rest well.

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