Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Transition Time


I am sitting in the back of United Airlines flight 703 enjoying some of my favourite Violin & Viola duos, and in my head I have just entered "transition time."

Whenever I hop on a plane, train, boat, or bus I think of it as a transition. Especially for trips of longer duration, I find the transition to be hugely beneficial.

There is something special which happens during one of the flights. It's a shift in perspective, a shift in focus. When the plane takes off I am pressed against the seat. I imagine as if everything from the past is being sucked out, allowing open space for the future. In fact, I can choose what from the past I want to bring with me, throw it on the carousal and be ready to go.

When the plane descends there is a light feeling as my weight is lifted ever so slightly. It's a feeling which reminds me to open and allow. Allow new experiences to happen, and shift into the new mode, ARIZONA TRAINING CAMP MODE!

JP, Scottie, Andrew, and I are on our way to find the Lemon Tree house and train up a storm in preparation for Mazatlan. 6 hours into the trip & I can tell it will be a great one to remember for years to come.

Tuesday Morning:
Arrived safe and sound. The Lemon Tree house is Awesome!
Time for a run.

In the words of Bob, from Bob's Dogs, "Keep Smiling!" and

Rest well.


Chris said...

Nice 5k

stevo said...

Thanks. Enjoy the training!