Tuesday, July 14, 2009

next go

"Make yourself comfortable."

I heard this from the sidelines last year while in transition at the 1st 1/2 and thought, "Are you kidding me? This is a race! There's no time to be comfortable!" Ahhh . . . yet still a young grasshopper.

This weekend, as we came down the Spanish Banks hill, each of us mentally preparing for our seaside stroll I thought to myself, "Make yourself comfortable."

Although Kelly mentioned bringing a toothbrush into transition, (I always feel more comfortable after brushing my teeth), this weekend "Make yourself comfortable," was about mindset and rewards.

We're driving through the Okanogan and it's a blistering 33 degrees. Shirts off, sweat slides through every crevasse, collecting in a puddle at the back of the seat. Face is warm, feet a little puffy, and skin is sticky. Mouth becomes a little dry, and then the baked post race feeling . . .

"Dude, this is awesome! I love the summer. Windows down, wind in the face, fresh Okanogan nectarines cleans the palate . . . "I would walk 500 miles . . . da dada lada!"

Our reward is a stop in the Similkameen river. Drive on.

Riding around UBC, seat on the seat, feet on the pedals, legs roll'n round, it looks like the race is taking place up ahead. Ok, hatch a plan. . .

Make yourself comfortable, then dig in for 5 - 10.

And the reward, a cool drink from the bottle. Ride on.

Great racing this weekend. Shout out to LifeSport crew for hosting the event, Steve King for the everpresent "getchago'n" broadcast, and perhaps the most important contributor, Spanish Banks.

Next go . . . 2nd full.

Rest well.


Vincent said...

Great race this weekend. When is your next? Doing a full, you racing IMC?

jessica rae kirkwood said...

best...race report...ever.


BreeWee said...

ha ha, I agree with Jes (must be the Hawaii that got in her)... well said report...

I got the funniest foto of my life on the podium with you, I had to see who the send place man was (congrats by the way)...

Hope your IM goes fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Steveo -- write more write more write more, I ADORE your writing!!